Volume 8, Issue 4, page 4



HE OCCULTIST believes that everything moves according to given
law within certain periods, and that there are
actions and reactions thruout-all nature.

Occultism says thatthe Great Consciousness manifests Itself
periodically as the Universe, and after every
manifestation of a Cosmic Day. there comes a period of rest. or a
Cosmic Night.

When t he Cosmic Night is coming on, the Universe finds its life
pulsations growing slower and slower, fainter
and fainter, as one by one the planed fade from sight. The suns
grow dim and the stars cease to give forth light, At
last, the Earth is rolled up as a parchment. and men, gods,
worlds, and suns all sink into sleep. All is silence, rest,
darkness. Reaction has followed action-and the Cosmic Night has

This night of rest lasts many thousands of years; then comes
creation's dawn. The coming of dawn may be
compared to a city being lighted up at night - one after another
tiny points of light appear until there Js a great blaze
of light thruout the whole city.

From the innermost heart of the Great Consciousness goes forth
the pulsating life, while the solar Deities. in
whom are embodied the greatest power and wisdom that man can
conceive. are awakened to take up their part of the
work in the new day. Then a sun springs into existence, then
another and another until the whole universe is again
brought into activity.

These Deities radiate the life force which thrills into activity
the planetary spirits. who also take up their work,
and worlds come forth into space again. These spirits radiate the
life force that awakens the lessergods who have
slept thru the long night of Brama, and they resume again their
evolutionary journey.

Each Cosmic Day is better than the last since each new period of
evolution is an advance beyond the one that
passed before. Divine Mind images within itself the new day, and
thus creates the outline of the plan by which all
shall evolve during that period.

The greatest centers of consciousness take the plan as imaged by
Deity, and carry into execution the idea of the
Great Architect. God thinks, and the creative agencies bring into
existence the physical worlds according to God's
ideas, which they see.

The plans made by Deity in the dawn of each Cosmic Day are what
men call "Natural Laws". These plans
emanating from the center of the Supreme radiate thru every part
of It; and the law which governs the visible side of
life is the same law that governs the invisible side

if we find a law operating in the realm oi physics. you may know
it also operates in the realm of metaphysics.

The law of periodicity makes itself felt everywhere thruout the
Cosmic Day. We find that the sun travels from a
given point in space thru its orbit, and returns again in

about 25.900 years. The law of periodicity has caused that great
orb to go forth and return, and a cycle has been

The moon, our earth, and all the planets that swing in space have
their own particular orbit, and all are governed
by the law of periodicity. So itis with all other impulses sent
into the universe by Deity; they continue to manifest
over and over again from the moment they are sent forth until the
last throb of the great Deific heart shall be given
and the Cosmic Night shall come.

The impulses which form a universe persist thruout the universe,
and manifest as the laws of the universe.

Re-embodiment is a Cosmic Law of nature whether you look at it
from an occult standpoint. or from that of
Herbert Spencer, with his indestructibility of matter and force
reembodying themselves for the purpose of evolution.
individualized consciousness not only reembodies itself
repeatedly during earth life, but it re-embodies itself after it
drops its entire body. In other words. it reincarnates. During
the space of every seven years, man undergoes a
complete change of body. He re-embodies himself by the constant
renewal of his atoms. And after he has dropped
one physical body, is it so surprising that he should have the
power to draw to himself another?

The occultists say that when the subjective mind of man is in
control and he can function thru it, he can
remember past lives and experiences. All past knowledge is buried
in the subconscious mind. What we call
"conscience" is this memory of past experiences warning us not to
make the same mistakes again.

There are different states of matter in our objective physical
world. on the subjective side of life, there are finer
forms of matter which interpenetrate our earth--gas and water.
Around our earth, there are belts, or zones , composed
of finer matter very much like the rings around Saturn. The
densest of these rings interpenetrates our earth, while
each of the other rings extends further and further into space.
according to its rarity and size. Each ring is of a
different tenuity of matter caused by its different rate of

We might picture our world as a porous wooden ball floating in a
tub of water. The water would correspond to
the first subjective plane and would not only surround the ball
but it would be thru the ball as well. outside the
water and surrounding it would be a belt of atmosphere
representing the second subjective plane and outside of that
would be a belt of ether representing the third subjective plane.

It-is to these several belts that we go between our incarnations -
and the soul or mind of animals go to the first
belt. According to man's rate of vibration or specific gravity is
he drawn into one or another of these inner belts or
spheres, which corresponds to , or is harmonious with. his own

The subjective belts or spheres are not for the growth and
development of man, but are places of rest where he
reviews the experiences and assimilates the knowledge gained on

It is impossible for man to pass beyond the photosphere of this
earth and incarnate upon othei planets until his
vibrations, which control his specific gravity, have become so
high and god-like that the law of gravity operating
here can no longer confine him to the earth or to the subjective
planes surrounding it.


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