Volume 8, Issue 3, page 17

them who claim to be healers who actually lack the necessary
LIGHT to heal. I can do better than the vast majority
of healers, and yet I cannot accomplish what they CLAIM to be
able to accomplish...

"There i s something wrong with the idea of 'giving' healing
free. The patient has no faith in what he can get
free. They want the opinion of highpriced 'specialists'. There is
another point. If you give somebody something for
nothing he or she feels obligated to you, so the way to clear the
conscience is to condemn your 'gift' and make it
worthless. But, they feel superior to one whom they have hired at
a price, so they are big enough to praise that
faithful servant."--Xorris Katzen, Cooks Fa I Is, Y. Y. 0 0 0

"What! Two issues of ABERREE and no mention of Subudl I must do
something about that . The last letter on
Subud, I remember, was written by someone who claimed the Holy
Rollers and Subud were the same, or about the
same. This I find interesting, especially ifthe writer is a Subud
member and also belongs to the Holy Rollers. If not,
I fail to see how anyone can make such a statement. I am a Subud
member and have seen some interesting latilians,
and I would like to know if this comparison was made from
personal experience." -Mary Hyde, Alexandria, Va.

e 0 G

"After your review of Volney Mathison's new book and his letters,
I think I should call attention to the fact that I
have a tape recording of Mr. Mathison's talk to the Concept
Therapy group in 1954 at Kansas City, in which he
states that a f t e r al I el se failed to help him, during the
depression days. that it was the work of the controversial f
igure of L. Ron Hubbard that pulled him thru and not only helped
him with his personal problems but also got him
started in his present work, which evidently is quite successful.

"He stated that it was the Dianetic and Scientology work that
identified the compulsive engrammatic commands
that were driving him all over the world so that he couldn't
settle down anywhere and be successful and also that
Ron's statinW that what was needed was something to moderate
between the analyst and the subject that led to the
development of the electropsychometer.

an;'It is a strange phenomenon a sad commentary on human nature
that people who get the

JUNE, 1961

most help from some other persons often become their most severe
critics. History records many examples. So
Iguess Mathison's blanket condemnation of everything
Scientological or anything that comes from L.Ron Hubbard
is hypnosis and no good and bad.

"Just what is the opposite of hypnosis? If waking a person up or
making himmore aware of what has been
operating within him on an unconscious level isn't de-hypnosis,
what is, And what better term is there than
'clearing'? This is the goal of Dianetics and Scientology.

"Just how does one setabout attaining the goal of de-hypnotizing
aperson of the effects of 'environmental
hypnosis' without persuading him to anything or using more
suggestion? Just how does one set about releasing
native abilities that have been depressed? What better
demonstration is there than 'Processing' out ideas of failure,
disease I limitation, etc., and having a person become creative
and able where he previously w as not - and not by
hypnotizing him more - but finding what he already has been
hypnotized into and running it out-so he can now be
himself and have a better opinion of himself, in his own
estimation. This is Scientology, the rehabilitation of the
human spirit.

"Mathison's attack is bitterandunfair. Certainly there are
failures be can point to

Thomas Edison had a lot oi failures, too-but the one light bulb
that did the work was worth it. Why condemn the
man and his work totally?

"This idea of 'clearing'. de-suggesting, de-hypnotizing, etc.,
will succeed eventually, whether under the name of
Dianetics/Scientology or not-and L. Ron Hubbard is the one who is
responsible for it succeeding."- Dr. J. ffarold
fhibodeau, Conuay, S. Car.

o 0 G

"ABERREE was very, very interesting for April. I especially liked
the amusing article on the 'Negative p o w e r
of thinking'. Oh boyl Didn It Alphia love that one' Hal...

"The way I unaerstand it

God created us, but he also created some beings that didn't turn
out very well. (Did we. actually? Hm-m-ml) I
understand the devil is one and there may be others. You see, in
the 'beginning', God experimented with creating. He
hadn't learned the trade very well - that is, he'd had no
practice at it. Some of the horrible monsters of prehis


toric times were partly the result of some gcreating' gone
haywire. But some of those monsters were created by
spirits He had first created. Then God had to get busy and
uncreate them, or fix them up and make them do. Hence t
he peculiar animals we have with

US.*, Now, it seems that matter is the devil's delight. He can
just about have a ball with it. That's why things of earth
are usually disappointing. This is his realm. God hasn't a great
deal of power for good on earth. His power is on the
other side - t h e spiritual . Right now, there% a big
housecleaning going on. He is trying to clean up his own
realm. There Is a hot opposition - a real challenge. Sides are
divided - workers are many, and the showdown is near.
This will be climaxed by a terrific upheaval-war, natural
disaster, climaxed by complete destruction of matter- the
earth." - Rosalind John, Norco, Calif.

to 0 0 0

I for one enjoy seeing some advertising in The ABERREE. If you
didn It get some advertising, you might
come across some way to make some money and you'd probably give
up y9ur hobby which you share with us. V
11 admit it IS a shame to call it a hobby when Tou put so much of
yourself into it, but knowing what I do about
expensest time, and energy that one invests in correspondence and
publishing and editing and such. you don't have
much left to be Alphia and Alice after you've been putting out
the ex-auditor's home companion ...

"I enjoy the whole experience of The ABERREE ... One column which
I read first and enjoy is Louis's 'I See for
You'. There is one seer who seems to manifest around himself...
all the attributes we used to wish for when we were
trying to be clear back in the days of yore."--9duin Archer
falleyI Denver, Colo.

G G 0

"in the April ABERREE, Morris Katzen states, 'Mankind must learn
that Jesus Christ is only a mythical
personification of the sexual fluid. biblically called the Water
of Life' etc. In speaking of Morri; Katzen's teachings,
Wafne Trubshaw (and I 'm glad he s back again) says, 'It does not
upsetus toknow that Jesus the Christ is a
fictitious character employed by Emperor Constantine in order to
present a new religion:

"Now, the Bible is not all true but it does contain the