Volume 8, Issue 3, page 16

hope they increase. When someone will look and see and sit down
on their big fat chair and put pen to paper, I
believe this is a good sign and a better start. Many folks, who
think they can't write can easily do so, if they will
but get the idea of talking to another and write just I ike that .

"I have just completed the 22nd ACC. and thereis no doubt that
this is the best and most constructive material
that Ron has ever given us and if followed will eventually lead
up to that level called clear, whatever that means to

"Ron, like most all others in this world, gets a lot of'
criticism, but I have yet to find anyone who can come up
with anything comparable so that we knowingly can observe changes
for the better, and he just plows along as he
knows where he is going, and lets all the others yap at his
heels." B i II Joel, Yonkers, N. Y.

0 0 E)

"Funny how so many of these scintillating Scientologistsknow for
damn' sure so much that just ain't so! I refer
not only to 'Infinite 20 (?)'s' two-page spread. but also to
Phyllis Moore's letter. When Art Coulter compared
Scientology to Communism, he wasn't kidding... One merely answers
every hard fact with a verbalism, and then
builds upon said verbalism a structure of words which sound
reasonable, until the audience ishypnotized into
accepting the most monstrous hash as gospel. (Re-read 'Cloud 88
'; the first column is perfectly good, practical
theory, that even a Jungian wouldn't argue with, except for some
of the jargon. But, by Column 2 on Page 12, he
has already gotten out on the end of Archimedes's lever, without
a fulcrum!)

"I have the answer for all Scientologists whostart throwing their
weight around. After all, I have been places and
seen and done things that make these characters look like a flock
of puling infants. It is a matter of put up or shut
up. Say to one of these, 'The place is shielded against all
interference; now, mock up a chair; good; make it solid
enough for me to sit on.' When the day arrives that one of them
does. then I'll invite him out in the back yard for a
spot of fire-walking, or let him ride my eldest son's bicycle
blindfolded, but not until then. The point is that
absolutely no good can come of the merry mental masturbation in
which these people are indulging. of

course, no lasting harm may be done either (?), but why louse up
a perfectly good low-level awareness that the
physical is not the all with a fantastic lot of technological
farrago , which, when-the sound and fury, are removed,
adds up to the fact that nobody knows all the answers yet?
Answers-Hell I Most of us only have a dim glimmering
of what the questions arel (And I'd wager 98% of humanity doesn't

"I would say, not only to Scientologists, but to m a ny other
'schools' of mental development, that it would be a
very good idea to check their visualizations of the Cosmic All
against Kant's yardstick, and give them a good shave
with Occam's razor. In simpler words, so that certain ones may
understand, if the explanation is complex and doesn't
fit the real world any too well, it's quite probably mistaken,
and should be dropped or refined.

"To return to thedemolition of 'Infinite 20' for a moment,
whotoldhim reality levels are Perpendicular? In my

from studying a number oi people, reality is unstructured; it
simply is, and most people are frantically trying to
avoid it (even to creating more comfortable ones out of whole
cloth) because it hurts. ... Prescription for all
clouddwellers, regardless of the name 61'their persuasion: Take
one railroad pick a nd one shovel; apply diligently to
earth and rock for one hour, piling up the result. Perform daily
until persuaded faith will move mountains, even tho
it is only faith in one's brain and muscle...

"Apropos of nothing, I find it amusing that Jim Pinkham is still
cavorting around the fringes of Scientology; I
thought the co-author of 'The Journal of Pogology' would have
avoided that trap. After all, he did discover,
independently , the heavy level of hypnosis to which a
Scientological victim must agree -or did he listen to one tape
too many ?" -9. G. Robles, Jr., Sacramento, Cal.

G) 0 0

"The first article in the May issue interests me. Scientology is.
only theory --too many variables-- while what I
teach is truth because it was truth before the Bible was compiled
andwill be truth till the last man perishes from the
planet. There are no exceptions to natural laws and natural laws
do not change with the passing of time. MY
teachings arebased on natural laws. Since there are no exceptions


to natural laws, everybody functions according to the same
natural laws... -

"I can go along with a lot of the views expressed in that first
article, but the fact is that I 'gave' and now I do not
have with what to 'buy'. Why isn't my knowledge worthy of
compensation the same as a lawyer's or a medic's
'services' ? Why isn't my time worthy of compensation? The
laborer demands a full hour's pay for two minutes
overtime-union rules. The labgrer demands his pound of flesh, so
why shouldn't the professional play the game
according to the same rules? I have no academic degrees, but the
fact remains that I spent more on My education
than doctors or lawyers spend. Is knowledge the authority or is
the 'degree' the authority?

"Hubbard established himself as an authority and sold degrees,
and that was supposed to make his constituents
authorities obligated to pay him 10% of their future earnings.
Sounds bad, but that is the !ay to build up a sound
organization. Unions thrive on that principle tho the 'cut' may
not be so high. I was willing to 'give' he I p to cure
sick people, but it hurts when you find'out you are being used so
that money in the bank can be protected. I heard
one patient tell a member of the family that he would rather die
than draw money out of the bank. That individual
was paid for services rendered--why shouldn't that individiial
pay for services rendered if that individual has the
money to pay?

"When a healer begins td realize that people are playing him as a
sucker, he is inclined to become sour on the
idea of helping humanity. When he finds himself being frequently
attacked without reason he isinclined to look
upon humanity as just a flock of worthless -vultures that deserve
the misery they suffer. As I said before, there are
no exceptions to natural laws. A study of suffering humanity
reveals that they get what they deserve, and,
invariably, they do not want anything better... The average
medical doctor cannot 'sell' healing because he does not
possess it to sell. He sells only advice like the lawyer. The
lawyer sells documents and the doctor sells pills. The
buyer must be made to think he is getting something for his money.

"The Spiritual Healer is not worthy of compensation because there
are too many of