Volume 8, Issue 3, page 14


By ~,Louisll

(ED. NOTE--Louis will be traveling this summer, meeting groups
that ha invited his to appear before t::m. so has
asked that no question-asking letters be sent him until after I

DNAR LOUIS - What do you know about the Planet conjunction that
is about to take place?--O.N., Vancouver,

DEAR 0. N. --As I 've said before, I know little of astrology
other than a bit of the occult Oriental astrology,
but I read the following in The Sunday Despatch, London, Eng.,
dated Sunday, 22 Jan., 1961:

"An amazing and prodigious happening is about to take place in
the heavens - it hasn 't occurred in 25, 000 years
. For the first time in recorded history of mankind, five major
planets-Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter. and Saturn -
will all enter the same 19-degree are of the zodiac-called
Aqua4us -together with the sun and moon. But the
astrologers of the world are in a ferment. What, they ask
themselves, is going to happen? Some it seems are about
to make for the top of the nearest hill and wait for the end of
the world in February 1962. Five planets in
conjunction have them gasping. Twice before there have been
three, just three in such a situation. The first time
was in 577-574 B. C. , when Buddha was born, t r a n s f orming
the life of the eastern half of the world. The
second time three planets entered a new sign together was in the
period 10 B.C. to A.D. 30. Then Jesus was born,
transforming the life of the western half of the world. Top
astrologers expect some mighty dynamic occurrence under
the five planets combining in an all-star performance not due
again for thousands an d thousands of years. "

All I know is what I read in the papers -but it sounds
interesting, doesn't it?


DEAR LOUIS - Do you foresee any land or weather disturbances in
Hawaii in the near

future? You sure did Pinpoint our volcano and tidal waves , Our
group thinks your work i S wonderful.-Rosicrucian
Group, Honolulu, Hawaii.

DEAR FRIENDS-Thank You for your nice letter. I see nothing other
than strong winds-, and some earthquakes.
This should come in the warm summer months. But this is minor,
comOared to what you've gone thru . 9

DgAR LOUIS -What happened to the Picture of "gloise" that
disappeared from the Plaza Hotel in Few York -
R.S., New York, 1. Y.

DEAR FRIEND-This picture
disappearing bit was one big
publicity gag. It will come
back, and the gal will come
out with another book. It all
made a good story, and -- the
picture needed cleaning anyway .

DgAR LOUIS -- I went to a Preview of gaster hats - and sure
enough, a jood Percentage of them could e called
turbans. Then, I thought of Your Prediction. How cone youcouldn't
see something more interesting? I don't care for
turbans.-F.L., Yew York, N.Y.

DEAR F.L.-I calls 'em how I see lem. Sorry you don't like
turbans. Why not be an individual and wear
something out-of-style for a change? You might even start a new
trend. Come fall, you'll be happier, for a pill-box
sort of thing is coming upon the scene at that time.

DEAR LOUIS We are Pleased with your work and with your column. We
believe that you're the best See-er in
the United States.-J.P., San Francisco.

DEAR FRIENDS - I'm probably as good as anyone in the world
-probably better. To do my work properly I
must assume this attitude. It is not conceit on my part; rather I
feel such an insignificant part of the work I do.
Evidently I do a fair job for my clients (or many of them) can
obtain the finest services from a material standpoint -
and they travel thousands of miles to me-so I presume that I'm
doing the Father's work the best I can.


DgAR LOffIS-I found the rin where and when you said I woui d. N o
w - t h e immediate Problem - will I get
the job I applied for? - B.g.J., I ansas City, No.

DEAR FRIEND-I % afraid you won't get the job - but you wouldn't
want it anyway, Once you had it. Stick
where you are-you're much better off.

TH9 BOY AID TH9 BROTHRRS, by Swami Omananda Puri. 302 pp. $3.95.
Doubleday & Co., Garden Ci ty, N.

W h a t s t range powers c an control the mind and body of a
human being? Where (if anyWHERE) are they
from? and why one body and not others?

These are questions raised and not answered in "The Boy and the
Brothers", which is a biographical sketch of the
26 years in which Swami Omananda Puri was associated with the
puckish. unpredictable man she cal I s " The Boy

The author, who is the first woman in 2000 years to enter the
ancient Indian order of sannyasis, and her husband
enlisted "The Boy", a product of the London slums, as a helper in
their home for the needy. However, they soon
discovered that The Boy had become a channel of communication for
spiritual beings, who refused to identify
themselves and were called"The Brothers". During their 26 years '
association (the Swami married the youth who
was 20 years her junior after the death of her husband), the
voices, acting thru The Boy, gave advice and aid, often
physically, to persons in trouble.

Shortly before World War 11 , acting on warnings from The
Brothers, the trio moved to India where a series of
illnesse; and misfortunes beset them until The Boy's death in
1956. Altho much of his i IIness stemmed from
failure to take care of himself, and an unhealthy environment,
the author blames some of his suffering during his
final illness, and probably premature demise, to an inept
surgeon, who could not be bothered with proper
precautions nor could he accept advice from The Boy, vocalizing
the warnings of The Brothers.

At no time does the Swami identify TheBoy by name. saying she
does this to save The Boy's soul from
defamation, especially in Christian communities. "The stones of
thought are sharper than sharp rocks," she says.
"We are very, very cruel. Not content with killing bodies, we go
in for slaughtering souls."

Crucifixion marches onl

__ Trah Ni ka

14 The RBERREE 'JUNE, 1961