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OW DID it happen that the Christian Bible
was compiled from the scriptures of the
mythical Israelites, which we are told was
a feeble race? There was no Bible when
Constantine founded the Roman State Church
in the Fourth Century. Until then no Bible
had been needed. The ancient religions had
their scriptures and used them.

Now, a new system had been born, and new literature was needed.
It must be based upon the highest possible
authority the mind could conceive, and must emanate from the
highest possible source the mind could invent.

This urgent exigency produced the Church "God in the Sky" and His
Bible, containing His 'commandments" and
"decrees ". He was the supreme law-maker, and could nullify His
laws at His pleasure. It was a cunning trick of
crafty men, and so well performed that it made the Church the
richest and strongest institution on earth.

The scrolls of the mythical Israelites showed them to be the only
ancient race that believed in a sky God --and the
Church brags about it. But the world is not informed that this
belief grew out of the Babylonian captivity. For 70
gloomy years the captives had prayed for some supernatural power
to liberate them.

Then Cyrus. the Persian king, conquered Babylonia, freed the
Israelites, and sent them back to Jerusalem. Now
they were certain their prayers had been heard and answered by a
sky God. Who wouldn't be under the circumstances?

Quite appreciatingly, Ezra included in his writings touching
lyrics of praise to the"God of Heaven"..And the
Church Fathers were so delighted when they found these scrolls in
the great Alexandrian Library that they
unwittingly overplayed the God Game. Being confused as to the
nature of gods, they included the description of
several in their Bible, like shooting in the dark and hoping to
hit the target by accident and ring the bell.

One of the Gods had a long conference with a fabulous character
named Moses, and showed Moses his back
Darts. Whether from the waist up or down. we are not told (Ex.
33: 21-23). Another God was just a spirit, which
no.man had seen at any time (Jn. 4:24; 1 Jn. 4:12). Still another
was a Consuming Fire (Heb. 12: 29).

Other ancient races were led by men too wise to have mythical
gods in the sky. They believed the Universe is
ruled by law, not by Grace (Rom. 6: 141, and that the Law of
Cause and Effect. making us reap just as we sow
(Gal. 6:71, is always in operation and can never be nullified by
prayers, supplications, or other means. And so, their
gods were their conceptions that represented the forces,
elements, and processes of the Universe, as Presented in the
cosmic phenomena called Nature.

But such gods were worthless and useless for the church. and the
church God was just as worthless and
useless to intelligent man. A

JUNE, 1961 The AB



people, change the very character of the culture in the world

There are several reasons for so many exauditors. Many of these
ex-auditors should be right back in there
swinging with the latest methodology. The first and most
important of reasons is: Failure to clear all practicing
auditors, in a.day and age when techniques available have been
demonstrating that clears can be Produced.,The lack
of clear auditors in the field has generated another reason, the
second: Auditors in the field over the last 11 years have
consistently failed to assume responsibility for the
quality-technical proficiency - and advancement thru research of
auditing-Dianetic and/or Scientological.

This lack of responsibility has made it impossible to form a
professional organization. consisting solely of
professionals as members. This I ack of responsibility has made
it necessary to adopt and accept a poor substitute
for responsible self-government amongst auditors in the field - a
tightly controlled and rigid non-deviating central
organization centered around the researches of L. Ron Hubbard,
almost exclusively. Many an auditor out in the field
has complained about the cost. inefficiency, or arbitrary
attitude of the central organization, but could this
complaining individual explain the formula for establishing a
responsible group of auditors outside of such tight

Before the public at large will take a really confident and
trusting look in the direction of the professional
practice of Scientology, the practicing Scientologist must
present a better "mockup " as an auditor. and the
professional society to which he belongs must be more
realistically professional. conducting research thru grants to
auditors in the field, and presenting conventions with seminar
discussions which are really seminar discussions, and
many speakers on the program, instead of the one-man show Ron
Hubbard has had to present so capably at so

It is a matter of political science that any populace which is
unable to rule itself thru any form of self- or
representative-rule which functions, must adopt some form of
autocratic governing system in order to preserve any
order at all. until such time as the populace is responsible
enough to rule itself. The populace of auditors in the field
has been just such a body unable to rule itself. Hubbard's
organizations have been the autocracy necessary to
compensate for the lack of responsibility in the field, and the
un-cleared auditors making up that field.

However. the key to the whole situation is cleared auditors in
the field. "Clear every auditor in sight" should be
the watchword, the phrase on every lip in the field.

The point at issue, as I see it, is this: A capable, well-trained
auditor with experience can be professionally
responsible with a perfectly acceptable mockup for his clientele.
if he is really in good shape, and he will continue
to prosper; and an association of such responsible professionals
will prosper and gain strength and eventual
recognition for the accomplishments of Scientology in the field
of mind and spirit.

great poet once said:

"The world has two classes of men: intelligent men without
religiont and religious men without intelligence."

(Continued in the next issue)