Volume 8, Issue 3, page 7

Mau Iccepts God's Chaff, but

Preference for Real Over Unreal Proves
"Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing"


0 CREATE a state of more agreeable acceptance to the things of
this earth and society in general is not our plan nor
purpose. For we are not interested basically in making ourselves
acceptable to the unreal or reflective version of
things, but rather a more clear understanding and acceptability
of the Real.

We can see the truth, then, in the old saw, "A little knowledge
is a dangerous thing", for as the so-called
seeker after truth stumbles upon the facet of truth that controls
and pours out physical material supply. this little
knowledge stops or deters all further efforts and desires for
more knowledge.

But we are aware also that the personal God of those who desire
only to achieve the state of bounty, so-called. in
material things, is this materiality and nothing more. Depending,
then, on whai we recognize as most beneficial, is
the extent of our recognition of God.

To one man, it may be all the beautiful women he can handle
comfortably. so to speak , and to another, upon a
little higher level ._ money-which will not only give one access
to many women and acclaim from the same, but
wealth with which to buy-he thinks - all the things he desires.

Thus we come up the physical scale of desire - or God recognition
- to the state that, perceiving the fallacy and
deception in all things of an earthly or physical nature, one
desires absolutely nothing in this sense - and after a brief
look at this state of awareness

we realize that here is the end and beginning: the end of the old
world and the beginning of the New and Real World.
For from this true state pf physical or negative neutral, there
are no other Gods before us.

How can we enter into our own vehicle and drive it, if some other
is recognized as the owner and has the key to
the i ' gnition? The utter fallacy, then, in the so-called wise
men of this earth, is immediately apparent, for if we
gathered a conclave of them for further enlightenment, and
materialized a shower of money upon them. the meeting
would have its own logical conclusion, for the level of
acceptance for all would have been achieved.

If there are any who declare this is not so , let us picture
briefly anyone we know, ourselves included, and picture
further a deluge of hundred dollar bills upon the congregation.
From our own position in this picture - neck deep in
money-let us decide whether or not we would be the last to start
bailing it up, or fighting over it

Let us undersiand. further, that the taking from this pile what
we wanted in this form of exchange or supply is
strictly an intelligent action - but that which is intelligent is

state of satisfaction herein established, which indicates the
true level of acceptance in almost all. In other words,
who is there who would disregard the resultant creation of money,
with a burning o r true desire for the state of
being or power that created it'

The level of acceptance then of mankind in general becomes fairly
obvious, for to him God is merely the chaff
from the mill of God, and he recognizes God not at all. Let us
not be confused. then, with the so-called miraculous
methods of gathering chaff. but going rather to the true source
of this milling process, find where the pure grain is
sacked and stored.

Methods for tapping or contacting this source of supply, which
man recognizes as some mysterious river of
endless benefit, are a dime a dozen, and all based upon actual
ignorance of real progression, for it has been going on
for countless ages - with nothing new - except new words of
description or definition. Let us realize, then, there is
nothing mysterious or untouchable about this source of supply,
for it is an integral part of our own true nature, the
part that functions automatically to fill our every need in a
material sense.

Thus we perceive from a broader viewpoint of ourselves as we are,
that mankind has from a lower state of
identity been like a person praying to and recognizing as God the
hand that forks the food from his plate to his
mouth -automatically.

Let us be ourselves, then, and remove all identity from the
unconscious functioning of our many intelligently
operated facets -or hands-and place ourselves inthought precisely
where we really are-in the true center of Intelligence
that operates the entire system of self.

From this starting point, free of the fogging chaffs of false
desires, realize that we are here to enliven moie of
this Intelligence that is right in us and not outside, and become
greater than we are, unto Perfection if you will, for
Gods we are potentially, and gods we can be kinetically and in
full reality.



is the antithesis of white magic. In other words, altho the
results obtained appear to be
beneficial and are so designated, the means are not justified.
The recent popularity
exhibited by doctors of health in this method,of controlling the
reaction of a patient to
subjective and objective stimuli is damning ad

mission of their ignorance of the individual: ity of the soul of
man. It is but another blind
step backward and downward on the devolutionary path. Under no
circumstances or conditions
has any man, be he doctor or scientist or layman, the right to
tamper with the
"unknownindividualized -factor" of individuality by means of

The use of hypnosis is 1,000 times more damaging than electric
shock, so ignorantly used
on the mentally ill.