Volume 8, Issue 3, page 6

stating, "For the time being, the subject's individuality is
surrendered to the person who has hypnotized him."

This is just a way of saying that the operator has obtained
absolute control of all the active channels by and thru
which the conscious intelligence of the subject may be reached
and impressed, ". . . f or when under hypnotic
control, the said person is subject only to the will of the
operator and cannot be impressed by his environment nor
by any other person unless the impulse comes by way of the
controlline bvDnotist "

Much discussion* has been raised in regard to the possible
limiting factor, or in other words, the limit to which
the subject will carry out commands of thehypnotist. To clarify
this point, may the writer give a typical experiment
and one which he conducted in Flort Worth, Texas, in December,

The local subject was first hypnotized. He was then told a story
of how a certain person (soon to be present) had
just returned from murdering the subject's entire family. The
said murderer. a maniac, had committed many such
atrocities thruout the state. Also, the idea was explained to the
subject that he, the subject, would be doing the State
of Texas and the country, as a whole, a great service by stabbing
this maniac.

At this point, the subject was informed the maniac was sleeping
behind a box nearby. The hypnotist then ordered
the subject to go over and kill the murderer of his family. He
was given a rubber dagger and shown where'the maniac
was sleeping.

The subject proceeded to caify out the command, going as far as
to poise for a death

dealing blow, drawing up his muscles to facil: itate the sinking
of the dagger to the hilt . However, the subject
would not strike the fatal blow. The dagger remained in the
mid-air position and the hypnotized subject just
remained poised and trembling. Why?

Because the subject is impelled by the real motive and intention
in the mind of the hypnotist and not by the
spoken word of coaxand alone. Remember this important factor: The
subject will obey the spoken word of the
hypnotist only to the degree that the spoken word conveys the
real intent of the will of the hypnotist. For the facts
are that the subject does not actually hear the words of the
control due to the secession of the physical senses under
this condition of hypnosisp as explained above.

The empirical fact ascertained from this is that during the
maintenance of this relation, the sole governing factor
in the consciousness of the subject is the will of the hypnotist.
The only impulses the subject has for good or ill,
while in this state, are those that come to him from the will of
the hypnotist, and the subject can no more disobey
these willed impulses of the operator than he can disobey his own
will in his normal condition. The will and all that
is entailed thereby - in other words. the"individuality" - is
surrendered. Thus one will operates two separate physical

that of the hypnotist and the subject.

Hypnotism and suggestion arenot one and the same thing. Altho it
has been the habit of the public at large, and
a great many doctors employing these terms, to use them
synonymously, it does not alter the. fact that scientifically
they have no relation whatsoever. To say that a patient under
hypnotism is"suggested" to do this or that, is
scientifically untrue, for the patient has no choice inthe
matter. orders given by the hypnotist to the subject, while

.ffieirt~rs of

II ft



(ED. NOTE - Don't take our word for it; look Lp these crimes
against humanity in any good encyclopaedia. Thousands
of others never were recorded.)


IUSEPPE BALSAMO, better known as Count Cag-
liostro, was born in 1743 in Palermo. He
spent his early years as a monk in a mon-
astery, from which he later escaped. He
then changed his name and married a beau-
tiful woman, who became his traveling
companion. Together they visited Egypt, Persia ,
and other oriental countries.

When Cagliostro returned to Europe, he founded a mystery school
of allegedly Egyptian origin. He made nice
profits from his secrets, elixirs, and initiations, but his
little mystery school aroused the hatred of the Roman
clergy, who had him and his wife arrested during his visit to
Rome in 1789.

The Inquisition charged him with heresy and his wife was forced
to become the chief witness for the prosecution.

Cagliostro was sentenced to death, but Pope Pius VI commuted his
sentence to I ife imprisonment. Cagl iostro
's wife was confined to a convent and never heard of again. In
1795. it became known that Cagliostro died in a papal
dungeon near Urbino, Italy.

the hypnotic state is invoked, are f a r f r o m hints or efforts
to sell an idea, but are definite, positive, irrepressible,
and irrefusable commands upon the dominated individuality of the

An interesting fact in regard to this forced, so-called hypnotic,
trance is that a person in this condition has left
himself open to speedy, almost instantaneous, domination or
control by any hypnotist who cares to step in. An
individual who indulges in this more than one or two times marks
himself by the elaboration of many psychopathic
symptoms. He may thus be annoyed by hearing voices, hearing
tables rattle, feel his arms pulled, etc. Notice we are
not speaking of "positive conditioning of the mind" or true
"auto-suggestion" nor have we inferred any activity in
that field called "science of mind" or "mental discipline". These
are entirely opposite.

The Eternal One, God. Harmony, Great Creative Intellect, Source
of All That Is. the Isness That Is, the Eternal I
Am-let me call it Spirit - never seeks to dominate a person, no
matter how he begs, pleads, or beseeches. Each is
left alone to discover and direct his own actions and reactions I
and to evolve. Certainly, if God will never make a
robot of us, no person should be permitted to make a robot of US.

There are other and more scientific reasons that prove that
hypnotism is a violation of Cosmic Law, but those
whose value system starts with the birth certificate and ends
with the death certificate would not understand.

The domination of one over another such as
is hypnotism in any form is not something new.
It has been the tool of black magic prior to
any records now available. Its use in any form


JUNE, 1961