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=JUN9, 1961 2Z
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Elsewhere in this issue, we are reprinting an article on
hypnotism from Tom 0 'Neil Is PSYCHIC OBSERVER.
In it are some serious indictments of this mental cobra that too
many shallow-minded sensation seekers give too
little respect.

We are going to hazard a guess that the implications in this
article go much, much deeper than the author
intended. In fact, we might even go so far as to say that herein
may be the key to why so many cults. religions,
superstitions, and beliefs are able to flourish and add to their
coats of innumerable colors so many Ohuman

R. Raymond Rausmitem has a deep-seated desire to do something for
humanity. one day, while cracking his
knuckles nervously in front of a friend who was ill, the friend
suddenly rose from his sickbed, dashed into the
kitchen, gulped d(wn a pint of onion juice and asafetida, and
came back with a grin on his face. "Suddenly I feel
finel" he told Raymond. "Let's go bowling."

The bowling was a success. They had the usually crowded alleys to
themselves, and the pins seemed to topple at
the slightest touch. The friend's elation was infectious.

Thinking it over, Raymond decided that he had found'the secret to
instant healing. He began cracking his
knuckles and feeding onion juice-asafetida to all he wanted to
help, and in most cases, it worked. Convinced he was
the answer to a world's prayer for surcease from its woes, he set
up schools, and began to teach the fine art of
knuckle cracking. His graduates went into

highways and byways, cracking knuckles and feeding onion
juice-asafetida cocktails to all who would listen-some
with Phenomenal success. As for Raymond, he never again cured a
case-but he no longer cared. He had gained fame
and fortune teaching his "secrets"-and he was quite ready to bask
in the reflected glory of his pupils, each of whom
paid him a percentage of theirl'take".

Purely imaginary - but the point we want to get across is that it
isn't the "technique" that "cures", but the intent
of the operator. If this were not so, only one of the many
systems marketing"cures" and help could exist longer than
it takes to crack a knuckle.

In the article on hypnotism the writer points out that the
subject does not obey words of the hypnotist, because
he has no Physical senses in operation with which to hear the
words. He has become part of the operator's will-his
mind, so to speak-and it is this affinity of minds that brings a
response from that-part- ofme to this- part-of -me.

Carry this over into some of the mental therapies with which many
readers may or may not be familiar. The
auditor, operator, coach - whatever the "inventor" may have
decided he should be labeled -builds up an affinity with
his pre-clear, subject, etc., before he even starts the session.
The Person seeking help, if he sincerely wants help,
attunes himself with the person offering help, and is a willing
victim of the light union-of-minds that is an essential
part of each and every session. it isn't what the operator says,
or,has the Patient do -it Is what is in the mind of the
operator that gets results.

An auditor, who honestly wishes to help a pre-clear I does so by
intention, and not

by technique. If all he wishes to do is impress the pre-clear by
his auditing ability, or is
looking for the expected fee, there is little likelihood of any
union-of-minds, and should
such a condition of light hypnosis exist despite the auditor's
motives, there can be no help
because there is no intention to help.

This is true whether the union-of-minds is between a mental
healer and his patient, a
minister and a member of his congregation, a medical doctor and
his patient, or parent and
child. People call on God (themselves), CERTAIN of help, and
miraculous cures of this type
are not uncommon. Again, it is the INTENT. not the therapist or
his technique.

We are all familiar with some of the successes by"Book auditors"
in the early days of
bianetics - probably a greater percentage than from the
manydegreed graduates of the
technique schools which are teaching everything EXCEPT how to
WANT to help.

Remember the old country doctor who sat at the bedside of a
supposedly-dying patient,
holding the patient's hands thruout a long night? "Miraculously,"
the patient recovered - and
the kindly old doctor picked up his little bag and went home. For
hours. he bad been at-one-
with the mind of another, and his strength of Purpose had
accomplished what today's modern
hospitals, with all their gleaming effic-*ency, can never

Priests, ministers, relatives, and laymen accomplish the same-not
knowing why, but
crediting the"miracle cure" to a mysterious something they label
"God" or "faith".

But the "kingdom of God" is within--and it is that kingdom which
we have available to us,
when we wish to use it - for good, or for evil.