Volume 8, Issue 1, page 18


tisers. It's just too bad we move so slowly; or is it our
God-given impatience that's to blame?"--Jerry Ross, New

"Muriel Griebe says that in the biological sciences a fact exists
only when biologists agree that it exists. To me a
fact is a statement of truth regardless of whether biologists
agree or not. To me, E over I equals R and even if many
people who read this think it is nonsense, it is still a fact.
The suggestion that people should not take my teachings
seriously is the most stupid suggestion a body can make because
nothing is more important to humanity than life.
However, because of ignorance, money and lust are more important
than life to most people. I teach . facts-natural
facts and scientific facts. Carl Jung also realized the fact that
the Bible is an alchemical textbook. Alchemy is an art
based on biological facts, and many of the biological facts are
still unknown to biologists. If those facts had been
widely known, there would not be so much levity about my
teachings. Neither would there be so much insanity,
cancer, heart trouble, and other common ailments in our unhealthy

"Fred Hand cannot convince
me or convert me away from
knowledge that helps me to add
I i fe to my body. Many that bray
and laugh will be converted to
myteachings when they are
faced with death. Many who
have been brainwashed with ig-
norance and superstition will
be converted to the truth.
Those who know the truth can-
not be converted away from the
truth. .. Biblical interpreta-
tions that are not supported
by facts are obviously false.
contemporary religious teach-
ings ' are mostly false. Those
who oppose the truth and sup-
port falsehood are the great-
est enemies of mankind,-espec-
ially those who support the
Roman Catholic falsehood, tyr-
anny, ignorance, and super-
stition. The Roman Catholic or-
ganization is responsible for
the corruption of Scriptural
truth. Mankind must learn that
Jesus Christ is only a mythi-
cal personification of the
sexual fluidt biblically called
the WaterofLife, withwhich
the light that is life is add-
ed to the body." -Morris Kat-
zen, Cooks Falls, 1. Y.

"We have been on your mailing list since the first edition and we
used to look forward to each issue with pleas


ure and excitement. Here was something whimsical and yet
stimulating. Now it all seems cruel and crazy-- that is,
all but one or two articles. You used to be for something,
however nutty; now this bitterness toward churches and
beliefs seems out of character. A good study of JulianHuxley's
(Mentor) 'Knowledge, Morality, and Destiny' might
give you a better perspective as to the function played by the
part of all religions in the general progress of
evolution of the human race.

"As foryourother 'engram', Ron. H., let's chalk up the good
things -- the fun, excitement, and changes of
viewpoint --and let the fellow make his living.

"And tell that Louis that I now know his 'source' is a Republican
on account of those predictions."-- Faith
Murray, Edisto 1sland, S. C.

"Along with a good number of your readers, I got off on this road
back in '50, and after many years of stumbling
about have finally found a way to work. Have both gratitude and
wariness regarding that Old,Party, regarding whom
none of us is going to say the final word. old Dianetics was at
the least a wonderful training school. In other
disciplines, one may constantly see the play of these basic
(body?l processes at work, and take off his hat to the man
who did that beautiful original observing. He is at the least a
great scientist.

"Haven't made any statistical analysis of the contents of The
ABERREE, but it seems to me to be groping
towards a new center, namely the religious. This. too, because of
the mere Presence of the debunking type of
writing, which I doubt is of value to anyone...'Techniques', as
such, have come to seem a bit sterile. After a couple
of years in Subud have become aware, myself, of a great inner
area which was about to die off at the root because I
hadn't the wit to acknowledge it, and certainly nothing in the
popular culture. unless perhaps in Catholic
ceremonials or in the synagogue * with which I am unacquainted '
in any way foster it. If perhaps these two
mentioned do so, they are far from being integrated with the
minds of most of us, an d a searcher would have to
leap about among all sorts of social fences. I would like to put
in a plug at this point for a person whom I have
seen mentioned but once


in your pages, Paramhansa Yogananda. His 'Autobiography of aYogi'
is a wondrous book, and reread it with profit
every few months. We were initiated into his Kriya Yoga by Roy
Davis, and a little trial of it shows it a fine and
valid system. We left only for Subud...

"Enjoy most of your writers
and correspondents, Louis and

Arthur Burks, Fred Hand, and
others. and can even tolerate
your ads, premisingthat every-
one has hold of at least a
little truth. I do doubt. how-
ever, that Volney Mathison has
all of it."--Ira Buzick,Bronx,
1. Y.