Volume 8, Issue 1, page 17

ticlesF hanging outside. it is because their ----- (censored) are
meant to be cut off! Remember that! (????) Then there
will be no more overpopulation, no more politics, no more wars...

"I get a vivid picture in my imagination of this female Don
Quixote sallying forth on her jackass brandishing her
trusty gleaming blade and cutting short the careers (or you name
'em) of sundry wicked gents such as I." - Vo Iney
G. Mathison, Los Angeles, Calif.

"For the past several years I have been 'testing the spirits',
and after giving spirit analyses to people across the
nation, I can report them to be 90% to 100% correct.

"These spirit reports revealed things concerning people that only
they themselves could know. It revealed their
sexual desires, habits. frustrations, etc. Many times it revealed
death - which is the case with Peter Hurkos, the
Dutch psychic who came to this country under the supervision of
William Henry Belk, Miami , Fla., businessman.
This spirit report of Hurkos's death, or lossof his greatpsychic
ability before death, was verified in a letter to me
from Mr. Belk who asked me how I knew.

(ED. NOTE- In a 'Repo rt" from the Belk Foundation, Peter Hurkos
himself, in trance, has predicted his own death
on 17 Nov.,1961. However, the report adds that most of Hurkos's
prognostications in t he past have proved false.)

'.Stranger than this is the spirit report that Hauptmann t who
was executed for the Lindbergh kidnaping, is now
living happily with peace of mind in the s p i r i tual world. A
few years ago, Peter Hurkos, while still in Holland,
said that if he could come to America, he would solve the
Lindbergh kidnaping case. Just how he could solve a case
already solved remains a mystery. Or is it solved? Th e spirits
report not. Yet Peter Hurkos has kept silent since
coming to this country concerning both the Lindbergh kidnaping
and the death of Adolph Hitler. Just who is
applying pressure to keep Hurkos silent? Or is Hurkos afraid of
certain parties in this country - just as he was scared
off by a member of Adolph Hitler's gestapo, who told Hurkos to
shut up or die, when Peter announced Hitler
escaped from Germany?

' 'A few years ago, before I ever heard of Peter Hurkos, the
spirit reported to me that

Hitler did not die in the Berlin bunker. He escaped from Germany
an d fled to South America. Hitler has powerful
friends and backers--who still live today--preparing for the day
when Germany shall rise to No. One power - after the
comirfg 3rd world war. The POLICE GAZETTF, magazine also reported
this story to be true, with drawings,
stories, etc. But Hitler's associates and many top leaders and
scientists are still growing stronger, preparing for
another day, another war. People are afraid of the truth. It's no
wonder Peter Hurkos is to lose his God-given gift or
die in the next few years. The spirit reports that Peter is NOT
revealing all the truth given to him.#'--Vern J. Texter,
Chestertoun, N. Y.

"Interesting auditorial.

"Here are my comments on what happens when one gets into

"Scientology breaks down machinery and a lot of the people who
get into it in the beginning found that they
became less and less able to audit or do much of anything else.

working without machinery, which is necessary to audit. An
auditor whose own case is in good shape is not going
to have this happen. He does it.

"These days if people leave the field it is only because they
aren't up to the rugged requirements. It is actually
better for auditors who are not in good shape to be cut off from
the latest data. Some day (if they haven't studied the
new techniques and built up circuitry to o u t w it them) , these
new techniques can be used on their cases by
auditors who are in good shape and pull them upscale. if they are
downscale they shouldn't be doing anything but
coauditing each other anyway-and what is already taught them is
sufficient if they used it and understood what-they
were doing.

"The old Book I processes are still good, as are all the others
developed since then. Anyone who says he needs
new processes just doesn't understand the old ones. They all
work. But they don't all work on old auditors who have
set up circuitry to defeat them.

"Some people who go out and become antagonistic toward the
organization have come up to antagonism, looked
around for an opponent. and in their inability to have a Preclear
have chosen the organization for their opponents
instead of the aberrations of some Preclear.


Thev had not come up to

one has to be willing to be controlled b e f o re one can control
himself, and actually control is pretty high --way
above those auditors who are objecting to it. One who is
'enlisting for life' in the school will some day come up to
being able tp practice ethically and well. If he isn't, it is not
good for him to be out in practice orfor the people he
works on.

"You are so right about a lot of people becoming sort of tape
recordings of data--but they just don't get it across
to the people, do they? Soon they do downscale from 'trying to
know' on a via. I sat in a lecture given by one of
these people not too long ago and got 'chopped' for contributing.
He didn It know that 1 plus 3 could equal 4 as well
as 2 plus 2, either, so he just stopped my contribution. At the
end of the lecture I hadn't taken many notes which he
remarked about. I said I already knew most of what he was giving
out and he said I couldn It, it was brand new data!
He's going to come up to doing it one of these fine days. He's
getting some auditing."--Phyllis Moore, HCO
Vol.Sec., Wheatridge, Colo.

"All this argument about masturbation and constipation has been
interesting and amusing, altho neither subject is
really important. Katzen says most psychotics admit they
masturbate. We might as well argue that since all
psychotics drink water and breathe air, it is the interaction of
air and water inside the body that causes insanity. Sane
people may not admit it so freely, because of our society's
taboos, but nowhere in the world can you find a normal
person who does not masturbate - or at least who did not do so
quite frequently during the best and sanest years of
his life. The only people who never masturbate are a few
feeble-minded who can't keep their attention on one thing
long enough to finish the job."-Ed Calkins, I-101, Winnsboro, S.

"Thanks for a year of exciting reading.

"I have a sneaking suspicion that the occasional 'ad' that pains
me has a similar effect on you too--but until we
readers can afford to ante up more Per subscription, I don't see
what anyone can do about it, except the advertisers
themselves, God bless 'em.

"Oh. well, we're all on the right path ... including adver