Volume 8, Issue 1, page 16

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We like your windswept girl for March very much and would like to
see more of her. However, we miss your
gentleman with the fluoroscope (a kindred soul, we feel). We're
looking forward to his reappearance. As our Gallic
friends say, Vive le sport." --Barbara Fiske, Oklawaha, Fla.

(ED. NOTE-The "gentleman with the fluoroscope. will be back -
some day. He's merely resting, and not, as some
have implied, recovering from black eyes dealt him by a couple of
our bottle-fed readers.)

"Orchias To Morris Katzen . He is seeing thru the fog. How
difficult it seems to let go of belief influence. Belief
that gave us courage when fear dominated our being. The desire to
worship something big

powerful, not afraid of deaU so that we could come under its wing
and be safe. Looking out away from ourselves for
a haven of security.

" Desire to 'fix'. Equals fear. Desire tocorrect. Equals fear.
irritation is fear. Socalled love of another that is
basically 'desire to be protected' --desire to escape irritation
--sexual magnetism that is a blind force is the motivation
of a blind person. This is fear.

" Fear is death, a black energy that if transformed becomes
light. Very valuable this fear. It is our substance. our
power in the crude, unrefined form. 'Let the dead bury their
dead', Let the 'blind lead the blind'. Why? Because this is
the incubation, the conditioning, the law of reincarnation where
the days must be ful - filled to a no-more-death and
a no-more-night.

" Ancient schools like the Essenes taught a wonderful truth.
Manuscripts were co_L-_


lected from many sources, arranged, and a book made of them.
Books also made of discarded manuscripts. A supreme
character built out of many outstanding characters. All very good
for it kept intact the dreams and visions that are a
part of man's growth.

"When we are strong enough to stand without fear supported by the
crutches of belief

we can look at the facts and profit knowingly. It does not uDset
us to know that Jesus, the Christ, is a fictitious
character employed by Emperor Constantine in order to present a
new religion. The truths expressed are eternal
truths, regardless of whose mouth is credited with the mouthing.

"But the dream, the knowledge seeping thru for a faint
expression, is a far cry from fulfillment, like a blueprint of
a $50 million hotel drawn by a penni les