Volume 8, Issue 1, page 13

17m -40 5 ~/ o74


our sincere apologies to Ulysses G. Kretz

mer, of Romoland, Calif., who authored th; article,"Lost Boy
Traced in Hypnotic Trance"

on this page in the March ABERREE. We forgo~
to give him credit. The 9ditor


I was 21, married, and living in a one-room house in Chanute,
Kas. It was a bright sunny morning in March,
and I felt weak from a bout with the flu. I was also about eight
months pregnant. However. I set myself to the task
of cleaning the house, and was completely exhausted by 10
o'clock. I decided to lie down a moment, and resume the
job after a brief rest,

It was good to ease myself back on the pillows, completely
relaxed, and watch my goldfish swim lazily about
the bowl that sat on a small table at the foot of the couch. The
fish slithered gracefully thru the water, making no
sound (for I was very hard-of-hearing).

Feeling refreshed, I attempted to rise. but to my horror, I found
it impossible to move! I struggled futilely for
some moments before re_ alization came over me that something
very strange had happened. I could see all over the
room - and I could plainly hear every soundfrom the slight
swishing of the fish to the singing of birds outdoors.
Most amazing of all , I became aware of the loud ticking of the
clock from a shelf almost 20 feet away. ordinarily, I
would not have heard this further distant than a few inches from
my ear.

Half frightened out of my wits, I was less impressed by
themiracle of hearing than by the cataleptic state which
held me in a vice-like grip. My mind was in a turmoil. Could this
be a heart attack? Was I dying? imagined horrors
rushed thru my mind, which now seemed crystal clear. Would I be
buried under ground, completely conscious, but
frozen into immobility?

I thought, I must not diel If I can concentrate on my little toe,
perhaps I can move it -and then unlock the rest of
my body.

Centering my will on this effort, I was finally able to move my
toe slightly. Then my foot, leg, and on up were
released gradually with a terrific tingling sensation creeping
over my body, beginning at my feet and creeping
relentlessly to my neck and head. It felt for all the world like
the return to circulation after a foot has "gone to
sleep". Only this was a hundred times more agonizing.
Fortunately, it passed quickly, and before long I was able to
get up.

Frightened, but gloating over the return of my hearing, I
listened for the sounds -but they weren't there. I was as
deaf as ever. The miracle had vanished with the return of

Some reflecting left me very much shaken. Would this condition
return sometime in the future, taking me out of
this world? Would

ually, be like the

death, when it came event state I had just experienced?

I visited the family doctor that very evening. After listening to
my story, he examined me briefly. Then he shook
his shaggy mane of gray hair."Young lady, there is nothing
whatsoever the matter with your heart-or anything else.
Nothing organically wrong with you. I

APRIL, 1961 T h e fl B E R R

This feature is open to readers who can do and do do things that
are not readily explained by orthodox behavior
patterns. Here you'll find no skeptics when you relate incidents
of tel3kinesis, pthou?ht reading, teleportation, use of
th . endu um dowsing, automatic writing, prescience, ~se of the
Cuija board, etc. How did you do it? When did you
start? or discover You were "different'? Can you help others
duplicate your feats? Maybe your "facts" will prove
nothi'ng -except that so-called "science-fiction" writers are
kidding somebody-maybe only the leditors of so-called
*science-fict ion" books.

would advise you to forget the whole thing." I trembled as I
asked the thing I must now ask: "Doctor, could I be-
am I- insane?" The doctor sat back in his chair and laughed
heartily. "Not a chance," he said. "Forget it!" And with
that, I found myself shooed out into the cool night air-my
fervent protests ignored.

Was my experience a partial astral projection') I believe it was.

(Copyright 1961 by Rosalind John, Norco, Calif.)


When a boy, before the age of nine years , just as I was about to
go to sleep, I would go into a strange
condition. It seemed that I was in a long tunnel looking toward
the far end. Something was drawing me along the
tunnel or the end of it was coming toward me. As the end of the
tunnel and I approached closer and closer, a
sensation of fright came over me, and I felt a compulsion to
resist up to the most of my endurance. I always got
myself outof the situation by waking up.

Basing my opinion on what I have read since , the explanation
could be a reliving of the exnerience of
passing thru the birth canal. I would like to know what readers
of The ABERREE think. - John
Booth, Hudson Hope, B.C., Canada


The girl Iwas with wanted to visit a carnival fortune teller.
"Anyone can tell fortunes-if
they can keep a straight face," I Drotested .

A couple hours later, she again wanted her "fortune told ", this
time by a "Gypsy " who
had stopped at our dinner table. I told the woman to-beat it",
and as my date poutingly toyed
with her empty cocoa cup, I suggested she" turn it in the saucer
three times, make a wish,
and stop with the handle pointing at your heart."

Her eyes shone as I picked up her cup, and began turning it in my
hand. Little blotches of
cocoa dotted the inside of the cup. Keeping a "straight face 11,
1 began to "forecast ",
drawing on my memory for persons she'd mentioned knowing, and
letting my imagination ran

It was a week before I saw her again, and the first thing she
wanted was a cup of cocoa so
I could " tell her fortune" again. Oddly , almost everything she
could remember that I had
told her had come true. (And so did what I

told her this evening.)

A few more cocoa sessions, and I changed girl friends. I knew my
"guessing luck" couldn't
hold out forever, and besides, I was getting tired of
cocoa.--DeeE.Vilhiort Phoenix