Volume 8, Issue 1, page 12

go, actually everyone is shielded in one way or another. However,
since the shield is light and minimum, most
persons, in trying parapsychology experiments, use or put out
energy beams of one type or another to contact other
beams in mind reading, and tractor/repulsion beams in teleporting
or levitating. When they do this, they start
running into beams put out by MEST-minded people who, under the
laws of gravity, tie themselves to the ground
with beams.

When you start putting out beams to push yourself off the ground,
you start disturbing beams of others who
prefer to consistently stay grounded; they in turn nail your
beams down because the network of beams all over the
place is so interlaced by everyone holding everyone else down
(gravity) that by trying to shift your own beams, you
start rocking a lot of other people's, too.

If you don't believe this, you are not looking at what is going
on around you, and until you understand it well
enough to figure out a way of experimenting without causing
unnecessary disturbance around you, you have no
business trying to levitate, or teleport, or do mind reading.

One way to do this is to set up shielding. Take a room and shield
it up tight as a drum, then start working on
your own counter-postulates to theta realities until you get them
to where you can turn them on and off at will. A
few friends of like interest can help by keeping tight shielding
in place and helping you to relax your own tractor
beams holding you down .

If you can follow me thus far with clear understanding, then the
rest is obvious. You will get results to the
extent you can overcome your own dubious counter-postulates. If
you don't understand this much, then work on
your data until you find what is wrong with it. Is it data? Tried
and tested by you personally? Or is it information
you copied from someone else who said it was so, or that they had
done such and such? If it is copied data, it is
worthless-- it is not data but opinions of certainty, and this is
not enough to make theta powers work except under
most favorable conditions --like levitation at a seance by a
-group of strong believers. This often creates enough
reality to work, for it is an aura of MEST, where temporarily new
o r different MEST agreements thru postulates
cause conditions, anchor points, and beams to work under
different agreement than in"normal" MEST areas.

Personally, I enjoy the stability of MEST agreement--to sit in a
chair, lie in a bed and not worry about it
disappearing because I've shifted too many attention units
elsewhere. Know what I mean? How would you like to be
drinking a glass of water , or cup of cof fee , and have someone
prankishly unmock the cup-spilling the liquid all
over a new suit. (ED. NOTE--Why not unmock the liquid? If you're
going to play games, let's notgo half-way.) I
am sure you would laugh like mad to have your nice clothing
ruined. Of course, you can mock it up again, if you
know all about cloth, colors. style, stitching, sewing so that
you would mock up something solid and durable. Just
don't think of metal while mocking up clothing, or you might end
up using acan opener to undress.

Everything you can want thru theta realities you can do now'with
more fun with less attention by playing the
game of MEST. The idea of theta knowledge is to uncover
limitations of past postulates that inhibit or create the
desire that you wish to experience in theta

goals . On c e you get free of the aberrative quantity of ~ast
agreements and postulates , you will find he
MEST game is a pretty darned good game. except for some mad
thetans who think fun is sinful and try to wreck the
game for you and everyone around. A- and H-bombs are potent game
pieces for fearful. frustrated thetans who are
dropping out the bottom of the tone scale. They are trying to
create enough mass agreement that A- and H-bombs
are needed. and once made, might as well be used to knock out
that bunch of other fearful thetans over there before
they get the same idea. In order to create this agreement, all
kinds of mock-ups of war, disaster, stockpiles, caves are
created to enforce this "bound to happen" war mock-up, hoping for
a good "panic button"to go off somewhere, to
get the mock-ups blasted into confusion and say it was a bomb

What has this got to do with framework? It is something to be
considered and be included or excluded from your
certainty structure. Having excluded it, you can then relax and
in the same way, exclude all heavy fear concepts by
realizing where they fit in the structure and changing A- and
H-bomb power into useful power sources.

Now, align your data as to time--past, present, future. Reality
levels are perpendicular and you have the ancient
symbol of the cross. On the crossanns, what are you going to put?
A crucified body--bleeding, suffering in agony,
as the past few centuries symbolized? or perhaps the old
sacrificial lamb of ancient days? Or perhaps a rose
symbolizing the beauty and fragrance of nature developing out of
the dirt and dust of.past centuries of decay?

Whatever symbol you put there will indicate your total state of
character goal development or degeneration. Pick
a good symbol, if not one of those above. Accordingly, you will
find your goals will materialize in such direction.
No symbol means no goals. Put a bleeding heart and your heart
will bleed, one way or another. Put a happy heart
and you will head towards joy. For such symbolism has thruout the
ages led mankind up and down-- in peace. war,
JOY. and misery as his symbols indicated --and not. as is often
suggested, thru fancy altruistic interpretations of the
glories of suffering mankind. But then, perhaps it is what you
prefer. You can have it!

If you are indisposed to build your own structure, look around.
You will find many crosses with many symbols
to choose fromo and many other areas where structures already
exist. All you have to do is let themteach you the
structure they use. If you choose well . you will be happy. If
you choose wrongt You will suffer. It's as simple as

If you are affiliated or have accepted a religious structure that
is contrary to your theta desire to experience theta
realities , get out! shift to another structure that accepts the
things you desire. To try for theta abilities within a
structured religion, bound by creeds and dogmas to restrict these
privileges to saints or angels. is bucking a big tide.
You will get washed back to the beach, .with the rest of the

In a liberal religion, you will find more help or opportunity to
develop your own structure. That is of course, if
you are searching for a freer, happier way of life. If you like
to suffer, find the most creed-bound religion . get into it
up to your ears, and start fighting. You will suffer--and really
enjoy it. especially if you really challenge the creeds
and dogmas.

12 The RB ERREE APRIL, 1961