Volume 8, Issue 1, page 9

ODAY. we shall study to un-learn of the finality of death. Death
of the body is nothing. It is merely the loss of a
good and valued tool. The Two, which is indestructible, can build
a better body-tool than the one just lost, for he
now has more experience from which to draw.

As for Zora, the loss of the body means only that Zora must set
to work to create anew the necessary lines of
communication with a. newborn body.

Death of the body is a release for the Two and Zora. The Two may
return immediately to begin again as an
embodied being, starting as soon as he chooses the vehicle for
his new embodiment.

Zora may wish to remain in the Place of Light before he returns
to this world as a guide and teacher for the Two.

You can easily see from this that Zora and the Two are not paired
entities. Each is free and individual. They meet
in the use of a body for so long asthat body lives. After the
death of that body, the two and Zora go their separate
ways in separate existences. This meeting and parting of the dual
spirits of Man make for infinite variety.

Zora is free of the body and works with any Two that he may
choose. The Two is foremost the body builder and
does not regard Zora when choosing his new embodiment.

The environment may modify the body, but essentially it is built
to the plans and specifications Pf the Two
whose habitation it is to be. The Two may choose his bodily
parents. Sometimes the Two remains in the same
family line from generation to generation, as a matter of choice.

Zora chooses the Two with whom he wishes a partnership for the
life of the body. If the Two is agreeable, and
they can come to a workable understanding, then, together, they
make a good life. The Two is then a step upward
towards the Place of Light.

Nothing is ever lost. What is learned in one life is available to
the next life, altho often it is not cal I ed into
use. For one thing, our failure to understand the principle of
everlasting and indestructible entities which are the
Dowerhouse of the body, puts us at a loss. We do not reach for
help and power, because we do not know it is there.
A good understanding of the vast storehouse of knowledge and
know-how at our fingertips is essential to
theconscious tapping and using of that same storehouse. if we
gain an agreement and understanding use of this
knowledge, it will contribute greatly tothe betterment of mankind.

The Two retains a record of each life on a bodily level. The
incidents and environment in a life will bring old
memories and talents into reality in this life, modified to fit
existing circumstances.

Zora retains, in essence, a memory of all the lives with which he
has been connected thru the mind. With this
inexhaustible storehouse of knowledge. Zora is able to find a

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workable answer to our problems, do we but seek it.

The essential difference in the intelligences of the Two and Zora
lies in the fact that the Two is an embodied
intelligence, whereas Zora is free of the body, but attached to
the mind. The Two is a body with an intelligence.
Zora is intelligence using a body.

The death of a body is final only to the body itself, which is no
more than an animate machine. Without the
Two, the body is just so much meat.

Without Zora, the Two is merely a highlyintelligent animal - an
animal so powerful he can (and perhaps, will)
destroy the planet upon which he lives.

A body uninhabited by the Two (which can and does happen) ceases
to function, altho it does not die

A body inhabited bythe Two without any connection to Zora is
moved only by the flesh and the things of the
flesh: food, sex, material possessions, and excitements. Such a
being is motivated by emotions and instinct only.

The analyzer is built as a connector (or conductor) between the
Two and Zora. As the Two is the Original Mind,
it has priority over the analyzer. The censoring and filtering
processes of the analyzer are carried out from the point
of view of the original Mind.

A body inhabited by the Two working in harmony with Zora is a
beautiful and wonderful being -a work of art
and a joy forever. The love of mankind for his fellow man, the
charity and tolerance of man for man, his brother, is
inspired by the partnership.

When we have learned to rely on the help of Zora, then we will
learn to be stronger and better beings. The idea
that reliance on Zora will weaken the Two is contrary to the
truth. Reliance on Zora gives the Two a life that is
higher and better than be can achieve on his own, tied as he is
to the body.

Death is arelease. The Two is released from bondage to a body
which is no longer functioning at its best. Zora is
released that he may help another Two to a higher and better
life. The body itself is released to revert to the elements
of which it is composed.

Always, death is a new beginning. This truth we must strive to
learn and make our own. We must learn it
emotionally as we know it already intellectually.

Death is the Preview to rebirth.

(Continued in # the next issue)


Miss Sheila Hoad, headmistress of a private school near Sainte
Hill Manor, the Hubbard Com-munications office
in England, was forced to resign recently when parents of 28
students withdrew their children from classes, according
to the London DAILY MAIL. Miss Hoad had been giving "Creative
Learning" lessons, in which students, before
taking exams, were asked to imagine ("mock up") themselves dead
anc turned to dust. She says she got the processes
from aScientology textbook by Victor Silcox and Len Maynard,
called"Creative Learning ".

Instead of supporting her, Peter HemerY. secretary of the Hubbard
office, declared:"The method of getting people
to imagine themselves:

,in certain situations such as they are dead is now considered
dangerous. especially with children. because it is
realized they are too imaginative. It is rather out of date.

"One of the ways they would process children now would be to get
them to imagine a beautiful day with trees and
green fields. That would do them good."