Volume 8, Issue 1, page 5

Man's Karma Is Catching
Up with Him

13Y Christianity's Slaughtered Victims
ALBERTA M. O'CONNELL Of Past Return to Wreak Vengeance

WITli THE SUN passing from the constellation of Pisces to that of
Aquarius, a
new era is being ushered in, while man is seeking ever deeper to
unravel the
mystery of himself and the universe. Unable to rise above~his
race and creed,
his tragedy is ever the same. He is still paying the price of his
down thru the ages with war. famine, disease, and death .

The zodiac is the almanac of the soul, where all the actions and
conditions can be noted and timed. There are no
secrets inman's activity that cannot be revealed by the celestial
zodiac, which i s truly the handwriting on the wall of
Heaven - for all that is contained therein was put there by man

The laws of karma have at last caught up with capitalistic
Christianity. The thousands upon thousands of
humans who were slaughtered and burned under the bigotry of
leaders of our So-called Christian system are now
reborn into a communal system of hate and destruction toward all
Christian-Democratic nations. Thus does the law
of compensation (cause and effect) oDerate, regardless of man's
zodiacal and spiritual ignorance.

Astrology is the study of cycles and the movement of planets in
the cycles, and the influences they have on our
planet and the people of this planet. The same laws which govern
planets in theirdue course govern human events
and human reactions, be it spiritual, mental, emotional, or
physical. We potentially contain within us all the
powers of the universe, as we are a miniature cosmos.

Thru the science of astrology, we can find the solution of the
greatest problem which faces us today- adjustment
to environment. When we understand the natural laws which
underlie or govern personalities and experiences we
meet, and our reaction to them as revealed by astrology, we are
in a position to solve any problem that presents

At the end of every great sun cycle, there comes an adjustment or
segregation. Mankind is now facing the
examination period by the Rulers of this planet, where it will be
determined whether we are fit to continue our
evolution upon this earth.

The Rulers and Guides of this planet are those centers of
intelligence buried within the Universal Consciousness.
that have developed beyond the human state, and whose knowledge
and power make them superhuman men. They
have evolved until They are what They are: Gods, Rulers, and
Guides. We are incapable of comprehending the
intelligence, greatness, and glory of these Planetary Gods.

These Planetary Gods and their assistants (who are lesser in
evolvement but co-operative) are the Ones
whoperiodically take charge and untangle the web we of earth have
woven for ourselves-to straighten out humanity
and give us a new start.

The end of this evcle is upon us, and we

are now passing thru our trial and judgment as the processes of
nature work automaticall; and in accordance with
fixed laws.

At present, the character of man is determined by certain Cosmic
Forces which are poured forth by three of the
seven Planetary Spirits upon the earth.

At last, the scientific world is beginning to comprehend
something of these occult forces which occult students
have been telling us about for thousands of years, and astrology
has been telling of them for 10,000 years.

A few years ago, Professor Millikan discovered that this earth is
being bombarded with certain cosmic rays, and
was heralded as a "wonder man". Since 1900, in the text books of
western occultism, these rays have been discussed,
their nature shown, their rate of vibration established, and how
to utilize them. But when one little portion of a ray
is discovered by one of the high priests of modern science, after
taking fragments of truth from the occult, he gains
prominence and is given the Nobel prize for something that was
revealed to the occult student decades ago.

These same men are going about this earth leaving their duties at
college, to declaim against occultism and
occult sciences. They are saying there is nothing but "rot" in
astrology and in the other occult sciences. They shall
be judged.

These occult forces are being mentally directed and sent down
upon this earth'by three Planetary Spirits - three of
the great Cosmic Forces. These three are what is known in western
occultism as the Cosmic Blue, the Cosmic
Green, and the Cosmic Red. These forces are sent to stimulate in
mankind whatever man has within him. They
bring out thru stimulation the character of man-a character that
may not be known to the man himself.

When the Red Cosmic Force was turned on the earth in 1914, we had
an unprecedented world war. No
one in particular was to blame for the holocaust; murder was in
the hearts of humanity, and
when the Red Cosmic Force descended upon man, it brought forth
all the murderous passions
within him and the desire to kill and destroy swept over the
whole world, showing that at
heart men were barbarians.

When the lighter and higher Green Cosmic Force touched humanity,
those who were trying to
do their best, tho wavering, received an impulse to advance. They
began to think for

The Dark Green Cosmic Force brought out the extreme selfishness
of "to get", to hold,
covet, and seize-and we had and still have the fiercest
selfishness dominating this world.

When the Blue Cosmic Force touched mankind, those who were
capable of responding aspired
upward - and desired to be better and greater, and to work in
harmony with the Gods. They had
tolerance for their fellowman, and the desire to evolve.

These forces are the balances in which we are being weighed and
judged. They began in 1914
and will continue to the end of this Cosmic Day.

APRIL, 1961 T h e fl B E R R E E