Volume 7, Issue 4, page 18

claim to be able to reveal any
person's character plus many
of his d e e p , dark secrets.
This, after years of study and
testing, is done without the
aid of photographs, handwriting, six-foot charts, darning
needles , or invisible webs.
Test readings, which were given
to persons whose names were
picked at random from various
sources , have proved to be
from 90 to 100 percent accurate . Persons, who were in a
position to have me burned at
the stake, readily admitted
homosexual and other abnormal
sex tendencies which my analysis had revealed. Mr. Long, I
have noted, does not delve into this. Psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, etc., tell us that
sex problems head the list of
human woes. Even they, skilled
as they are (ED. NOTE