Volume 7, Issue 4, page 17

ler's elucidation concerning
the tampering done on the old
Bible records. This is to me a
very important contribution to
help clarify the debate on the
historicity of Jesus, only it
too is so chopped up into small
segments from month to month
that it loses some of its value. I want to commend him for
naming chapter and verse where
to find the quotes he uses --
not that any of us will look
them up, but it avoids criticism from those doubting the
"Seriously, don't you think
you could increase the price
for ABERREE to $3 now with the
following you have, and enlarge it so as to give writers
more freedom? An article like
Palyan's has so many heavy.
solid statements without amplification, that it makes for
constipation without proper
digestion." -- Harold D. Kinney,
Inglewood, Calif.
"Some months ago. I told
about my cocker spaniel being
sick and giving her K/F (Exultation of Flowers) in her water and the remarkable change,
becoming like a pup in action.
"Now, I notice a remarkable
coat on her. Her fur is really
something -- but it's getting
warm out and in the past she
started shedding bad. But not
this year. 'Course, it's early
yet, but I take a brush and
brush her every day, but nothing comes out.
"I also am fortunate that a
dear friend from Arizona has
sent me a number of bottles of
E/F to use as I see fit. If
anyone would like one, I would
send them a bottle, if they
would like to pay the wrapping
and postage." -- Dr.Marcus Fite,
208 S. Division, Kellogg, Ida.