Volume 7, Issue 4, page 15

"I find I'm constantly
agreeing with your editorials;
and, of course, Louis I read
with many a chuckle. But, quite
frankly, most of your contributors I don't quite understand. Is it just me, or do
others find some of these arti-.ties almost too cryptic? Or,
maybe their thoughts a r e
clear, it's just their writing that 's muddy,
'As for Morris Katzen, I
don't know whether to laugh or
cry. I have a feeling that
this is the most unique definition of the Christ that I have
ever encountered, and I have
done SOME reading...
"I thought you would like
to know that the famous Jeanne
Dixon of Washington, D. C.,
"'Revolt in South Africa
against white supremacy will
continue to flare, and its influence on our heterogenous
population will bring us "almost to a civil war in 196364 ", but we will emerge unweakened. Russia will not
bring about a real showdown
because it needs us as an ally
against Red China. The great
threat from China, date unclear, will be in the form of
germ warfare." -- Ruth 8pignesi,
Stanford, Conn.
"In your fine editorial you
divided the word ref-use grammatically, but isn't it really
re-fuse to maintain the old
energy pattern? Quite a word,
refuse. Down the drain. We did
perform so-called miracles,
but didn't we believe that despite the effect of others on
our lives, confession was what
was really meant? Owning up to?
I did, and so did others we
worked with. Remember that Dr.
Rhine says his subjects do
well until they start thinking
about the experiments, and then
they start to fail. In all
fairness, there is a `learn
it' so you can then forget it,
I am immensely grateful to the
body called Scientology. Thru
its stimulation I was led to
trust my own intuition. Every
time the tree was shaken and
the fruit fell off, I too was
shaken until there came the
time when I couldn 't be shaken
any more no matter what happened 'over there'. I found I
could take it, since I had established my own center, and I
do not mean group....
"Did Louis tell you that he
found 'Points of View' was the
holy place for an ancient people?" -- Alberta Elliott, Points
of View, Greenville, S. Car.
"Kindly do not laugh at Dr.
Hubbard testing his lettuces on
his electropsychomathisonimeter. Many a time have I heard
the crying crunch of helpless
lettuces between my grinders.
Dr. Hubbard's work is completely valid, and I could write a
lot of words to prove it.
"Suffice it to say, and
without using a magnifying
glass to read the small print,
we are emulating the doctor's
subtle work right here.
"Touch any object with a
salt shaker and it will spin;
that is, its poles will be reversed. You can test this with
any simple pendulum. But we
also have delicate instruments .
We can test whether a plant
was grown in soil rich in asphalt deposits or in paraffin .
We have found some plants that
are asphalty on one side and
paraffineous on the other.
"We have an exploratory
doodle-bug for mineral deposits that points the way to the
object of our search as we
drive along, zigzagging or in
circles. I t twists itself
crazily around our necks. We
can pick up the form of someone's mock-up projected on a
piece of paper. Yes, we can do
everything. Well, almost everything. Everything we can do
but find my lost four-tooth
bridge. (Without that, I can't
say 'teeth ',)" -- Phi l Friedman,
Florence, Ariz4 4 4
"Re: `Sick, Sick, Sick! A
Doctor Talks to Tomatoes'.
Well, 'ain't' he been talking
to tomatoes for years