Volume 7, Issue 4, page 12

it does not justify wrongs committed in its laws that govern nature.
name. I have seen a wonderful, sincere, cour- The church, the religionists, the anti-reageous, idealistic man give his heart and mind ligionists, the evolutionists, the materialists
and personal fortune to Dianetics, only to be and physical scientists all more or less agree
deserted at a time of crisis, then turned upon in making man an exception to this phase of
and villified in a sustained campaign of lies the law of creation for the simple reason that
and misrepresentations the like of which equals they do not understand it.
anything the Communists ever did. Recently, Wise men never take that course. But sciwhen this man died, a leading Scientologist ence refuses to consider anything that has
gloated over his death