Volume 7, Issue 4, page 10

By A $ttrk
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Heeds i~ ie Montano
EALING is constantly beaming forth from
"Love' s Retreat" here in Lakemont, Ga.
"Look to the mountains ", said the Ancients,
"whence cometh your strength." Here, truly
the mountains suggest and produce the
strength. I am in those mountains as I
write. I am desirous of sharing with everybody
who cares something of that which I have found
here. It is more than the love of "Love's
Retreat ", more than the love of Mandah Love,
who is mistress of this beaming place, for it
is the love of the Father for His children. And
those who know of it are drawn to it as to the
arms of loved ones, for comfort and renewal.

The mountains are always here. They must
have been here before man came upon this earth
which, millions of years tho that was, is only
yesterday in the life of a mountain. Dr. Love,
the late husband of Mandah Love, spent almost a
half century inventing, researching, and perfecting certain modalities. They are not something, therefore, that a writer can dispose of
in a few words. He worked with electronic and
radiation devices. These devices have been
known to thousands of persons over the years,
and much help has been given those calling for
a lifting of various dis-ease found in the human body -- or even in animal bodies. I had experienced the last research instrument in Dr.
Love's care, known as the "hypersonic device"
-- and then there was the talk of "how beaming
or broadcasting modalities" reach p e o p l e
around the world. This I wanted to see with my
outer eyes.

Charlie Howell came to me for the "red
hands ". Since medical science had said he could
not remain in the flesh much longer, I was his
last resort. But clearly more was needed than
the " red hands", so Charlie and his Aunt Agnes
and I came motoring from Paradise, Penn., to a
different and powerful paradise here in the
Georgia mountains.

Prior to our arrival, while Charlie was in
my care in the north, they had "beamed" help
to him, with excellent effect, but there was
still not enough to rehabilitate a "hopeless
case", and we felt the "hypersonic "was needed. One could see the "beaming device" worked.
I could see and feel its effects on Charlie
across hundreds of miles. So, we came. I might
add that I always check moves as vital as this
one. While Zoe Nickerson's sanadhi readings
and my conscious ones usually agree, I'm something like doctors who call conferences for
confirmation. Repeated samadhi readings which
I conducted had a little something added: a
question about Charlie Howell. And Zoe confirmed that we should come.

For myself I shall always be thankful. I am
not going to say too much about Lakemont, Ga.,
and "Love's Retreat", ' for one of my undertakings is to do a taped study of the place, but
something can definitely be said.

I feel better today because I am in these
special Georgia mountains, in the midst of the

beaming place; Charlie Howell feels better,
and I can see it in his eyes, in that he eats.
better, sleeps better, breathes better; his
Aunt Agnes is better, too.

And why is this? Like the Arizona desert,
in which these articles started, there is something special about the place. I can't say
exactly what it is until I have done the taped
study, even if I can do it then. But, there is
music in the white and yellow pines, in the
water oaks, in the trees that stand tall or
short on the extended acreage of "Love's Retreat". I can hear that music, waking or sleeping, and even as I write, trying to catch it
on paper, it changes. It changes with each
breath of wind or breeze, even as man changes
himself from heartbeat to heartbeat -- and I try
without strain to tune my heartbeat with that
of the mountains -- and am instantly the better
for it, as would anyone else be.

The clouds above the valleys, the ravines,
the mountains look down in white meditation,
and to me they meditate and radiate health so
that I am sure, when pilgrimages come hither --
as Bernadette Sothdrous said processions should
come to Lourdes a hundred years ago -- they will
be instantly on the journey back to health.
When one starts this way, thus performing an
act of faith, the healing starts.

In these same pages I once wrote of Lourdes
and how those unable to visit the shrine could
bring Lourdes to themselves in their minds and
spirits. Whoso cannot possibly come to the
mountains may have the mountains in their
homes so easily. On request in writing