Volume 7, Issue 4, page 9

41 And he (Peter) began to curse
and swear, saying, "I know
not this man of whom ye speak."
IVE HEED, 0! soul on earth, when
wisdom tells
And bids thee ponder on dark
centuries long passed;
For now, as then, darkness and
ignorance ring their bells,
Always proclaiming a Messiah to
come at last
To deliver them -- when they should long have
delivered themselves.

But men preferred the earthly glory upon
which they fed;
The holy books lay lined upon the dusty
As fools, they sought a magic formula instead.

For now, as then, they meet in Synagogues,
churches with steeples high,
Wax fat on husks until their stomachs near

And brotherhood? 'Tis but a sheer pretence.
Justice they defy
And call upon the gods to do their worst.
They take the cup, and eat the husks that
swine do eat;
Be wise, 0 soul, in casting pearls before

They sm i'l e success when glories of the
world they meet.

They seek for simple trusting hearts -- to
adore THEM.

VAIN MAN; Selah.

The cruelest creature upon the earth;
With depth of lying, deceit, he skilfully
plays his part
For gain; he'll seek to maim and kill from
Until the arrow of time doth pierce his own

And some the purple and the scarlet robes
will wear,
oft' to hide a fat belly underneath
And with book in hand, and honeyed words,
would have you share
A similar surface cloak