Volume 7, Issue 4, page 4

natcheta was a widow by this time with many
sons and daughters of her own.

Thru these passing years, the two groups
migrated closer and closer together until the
time came that Big Thunder raised his hand in
greeting to a small group of weary travelers.
The Egyptians had finally reached a "home".

The two groups lived in close harmony, with
all the young ones feeling just as much at
ease in one tepee as they did another. When
meal time came, they ate wherever they were.
When bedtime came, they slept the same. They
were taught and trained by any adult who happened to be close enough to answer their
childish questions.

It was inevitable that Egyptian should marry Sioux. And when a daughter of Nonanenatcheta
and Big Thunder's youngest son married, their
first child was a daughter. They called me Lowanajulaine, meaning "Little-wanderer-of-lostlands-between-life-and death". Later, as the
tribe adopted more of the ways and teachings
of the white man, the name was separated.

These are the two persons who taught me the
lessons I now teach in turn -- an Egyptian seeress and a Sioux telepath. I learned the lessons
the hard way. Some of them too hard, and I see
no reason for it.

My grandparents had to either go into wild
orgies of ritual or use a form of self-torture
to gain trance. But today, people are reaching
for short cuts -- both physically and psychically, and that trance-state can be obtained
much easier by what we shall call "self-hypnosis". No matter what it is called, a certain
degree of self-hypnosis is necessary for the
searcher to become an advancing student.

Next month, we will take up the first lesson on self-hypnosis, or hypnotic trance. This
lesson may be ignored by those who wish to
ignore it, and they will lose nothing of the
rest of the lessons. It will only take a little
longer to learn them, is all.
(To be continued next month)
A Skeptic Dissects
Some Sacred Myths
OR ONE, I Havent Got The Slihgtest What
Those Scientologist Dianetics Cianetics Or
Fianetics Are Talking And Squabbling Abaut
And I Bet, Most Of Them Dont Know Themselves, But, Thy Do Remind Me Of That Feller Percival Who Publishet A Book Of Abaut
1100 Pages, In Which He Claims Among Ather.

Equally Ideotic Things, That We Are Made Composet Or Made Up Of 12ve Pieces Or Parts, One
Of Aur Parts My Be In An Australian Kagoru Ar
Other Animal And Another In A Sauthamerican
Titmause, And The Rest Of The Pieces All Over
The Globe, Can There Be A Moore Assinine Assumption Than That? But I See, Some Ot These
Di, Or Cianetics Or Scientologists Have Similarely Expresset Themselves, But Then, Anithing
Goos, With The Bloodthirsty Vengeful, Hatefostering Jehowah Church Bible Hooly Moses Christ
Cults, Religions And Splinters, Over 800 Of
Them Who Call Themselves Christianity Or
Christians, And Everyone Of Every Sect Or
Splinter Fo Them Wauld Joyfully Slit The Troat
Of Anyone Of Another Sect Or Splinter Or Religion Who Daret To Say His Sect Is Moore Holy
Or Rigth, If He Thaught He Cauld Get MAY with
It, In Fackt, Thyn Prakticet Exactly That Not
So Long Agoo, Christ Was The Hindus Name For
The Sun, So Jehowah Church Adapted It The
Name Jehowah Was Inventet BY Thei Israelites
For Thyr God, Abaut 300 Or So Jears After Thyr
Jesus Christ Suposetly Had Been Murderet On
Thr Cross, The Roman Autorities Got Disgustet
With To Many Gods Being Worshippet And Decidet
To Do Away With The Whole Bunch Of Them Exept
One, An That Jewish Jehowah Semet To Matsh The
Or Thyr Idea Of A God They Liket Along With
His Suposet Only Son Jesus Christ, But, Naturally, Everything Must Be Done Acording To Parliamentary Rules To Become Legal, So They
Called A Convention, Of Abaut 1600 Elders,
Bishops, E, C, Tra, Of The Nation Togeter, And
Layd Thyr Demands Befohre Them, Here, We Want
Those Personalities And Writings To Be Declaret
Votet And Confirmet By You ToBe The Soole God,
(ED. NOTE -- Some readers complain that we edit
letters and articles too ^ach. and in so doing,
inject our own views into what others write. We
try not to, but here's a manuscript whose beauty
would be spoiled were we to blue pencil it. So,
while The Editor goes out for coffee, be's letting this slip into the magazine undefiled. Considering he sets the type, reads final proof, and
pastes it up. it's a good trick if he can do it.)
Dyity And Hooly writings, Callet Christianity
From Now On, 300 Of The 1600 Refuset To Vote
Ye, And Thy Were Promptly Banishet To Where
Only Death By Starvation And Misery Awaitet
Them Escortet By Soldiers Who Lots Of Them
Sufferet The Same Fate, Naturally, The Rest Of
The Delegates Seeing that Gladly Syd Jes, And
So, Christianity Was Boorn By Murder And Tyrany, Crownet By The Advent Of The Roman Catolic Church With Its Resulting Massmurders And
Maymings Burnings And Hellish Torturings Of
Anyong Even Daring To Think Aland In A Jota
Against Them, Or Thyr Christ, Jea, Pope Leo
Expresset Thyr Joy Of Thyr Victory Correcktly
When He Sayd, Ah, We Wooly Mien Are Verry Fortunate, That Superstitious Myth Abaut Christ
Has Proven Itself Verry Profitable Fbr Us, It
Shure Has And Still Doos, Jea That Dear Jesus
Christ Was A Fitting Son Fbr That Bloodthirsti
Daddy Jehowah, Jea, All And Everyone Of Us Is
So Dear And Preceous To Christ And Beloovet,
That, When Some Of Them Daret To Disagree With
His Creed, Told His Stoges, Bring Them Here
Before Me Tither And Slay Thea, Oh What Loove,
Eh? Jea, An That Dear Christ Also Told You
That He Came Here Not To Bring Peace And Loove
But The Sword, An He Shure Did, As Witness The
Massmurders By The Tausands And millions By
The Inquisition And Papal Wars.

In Writing Abaut Subjects Like This, Jusually Mi Mind Is Way Ahead Of The Especeal
Thing I Want To Discuss And Befohre I Know It
I'm Writing Abaut Some Related Thing And Then
Later On Get Bak To It And Clear It Up Moore
But The Same Thing Happens Again, So You Got To
Go Bak To It, So Here We Go Bak To Creation.
(ED. NOTE -- -This seems like a good place to
leave our narrative for this month. In the
next issue, we'll start right where we left off,
with dusty Adam and his animated rib.)
Would the price charged buyers of "only
ways" be called " wayfare " ? And if the prices
are excessive, would they be" fare in height"?
And would the "master"be a fareo dealer?
JULT-a000ST, 1960