Volume 7, Issue 4, page 3

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To Psuchic Development
By LOWANA JULAINE the inner faculties. All of you know that
what we call the body is unimportant. Are you
CHAPTER I -- INTRODUCTION anxious, then, to waste more time "conquering"
ONSIDERING both the Western and Eastern teaching, I admit I am very un- Isn't that just another way of wasting time?
o self-In the first place, I yoni
So, let's concentrate on developing what is
believe that a long, drawn-out system important -- the Astral Body, the Subconscious
Mind -- and conscious control of the two.
of f self-development is necessary. It Maybe you have been taught that you had to
is all right if one comes from a get rid of a lot of habits connected with the
country or a race that starts its physical before you could develop satisfaction
training early in life, like my people. But what of the person who has awhile. So you have a few bad habits; who
actually wasted 30, 40, 50 years doesn't? As you go along, you will find some
chasing after false gods, and kindergarten of your so-called bad habits are disappearing.
lessons, beating their brains out over as You will impoortann also find that some of them we m
t as you first thought they were.
false doctrines, getting nowhere fast? You will also learn that your teachings of
That person probably has reached a controlling physical habits were not so much
mental state where they feel, "Oh, what's false teachings as more than likely you just
the use?" They have come up against " se- didn't understand because of the way it was
crets" and "hush-hush" and "fear" of be- worded. In this series, when a principle is
ing classed as different. used, I will try and explain it as fully as
In this series of articles, I am going to First, let en tell you where and how I rereveal the secrets, not conceal them. I'm ceived these teachings.
changing the hush-hush to share with others. One of my grandmothers was part of a small
The fear will become fearless and show you how group of wayfaring Indians, whom home was on
to accept the "difference" as an everyday the northern boundary of Egypt, at an oasis in
matter of fact as natural as breathing. the Libyan desert.
Jesus Christ was "different" from other men; The tribe grew restless with the hardships
not because he wanted to be but because the of the life they lived. In summer, the sun
people wanted it that way. He taught miracles, burned down until the oasis nearly dried up
and those who performed the miracles were and blew away.
called witches and devil disciples