Volume 7, Issue 3, page 16

come. Everyone who writes a
book feels as tho his work has
come from the mouth of God, of
course, but I feel this one is
a synthesis of the essence. So
ae shall see." -- Roy Davis,
Garrett Park, Md.
5 ft ß
"Harold D. Kinney, in the
May issue, has made some 'up
to the minute' and 'right to
the point' comments on America's ill health.
"I, too, read Rodale's PREVENTION, and I, too, not only
read metaphysical literature --
I call myself a student of
metaphysics -- or, more properly, a student of truth.
" I can agree with Mr. Kinney
wholeheartedly on practically
everything he says. However,
to quote -- 'Bacteria and viruses act directly on the physical naturally'. Let's say that
all of us have the 'bacteria
and viruses' of practically
all diseases in our bodies at
all times. Many of us carry
these germs with us for a
whole lifetime and yet never
succumb to the disease. Others
right beside us get the disease -- some die of it, others
get over it.
"Why? I maintain that this
is due to our mental and/ or
spiritual attitude. Mr. Kinney
also says that this is the
case, and then qualifies his
statement. I maintain that if
we do not first weaken our
bodies' resistance with 'negative emotions', that disease
germs, tho present in our body,
would have no power to multiply and cause disease.
"Of course, wrong eating
habits and the cumulative poisons in the food we eat are
also factors here, but at least
some of that, too, is due to
our mental and/ or spiritual
"Thoughts and feelings have
power -- much power. That is
something to think about. Fear
is an attractive power. Did
you ever notice a person who
is always worrying about
catching cold? Most of them
have more colds than anyone
else." -- Russell F. Jones, Ramona, Calif.
"I am surprised to hear you
say you are not a Scientologist. Once a Scientologist always a Scientologist. When you
once get this data or Ron's
distilled from past wisdoms,
it sticks out all over you in
whatever y o u say or do or
"May was ahead of April as
far as The ABERREE was concerned. It is wonderful how
you keep the mag. going -- you
and your contributors. It has
"Please allow me to express
my sympathy for you and the
people of Enid as I read about
the fluoridation of your water
supply. A few years ago I went
into my neighborhood pharmacy
and asked for a can of sodium
fluoride. The druggist cam e
back with the can and asked if
I knew it was rat poison. I
said I certainly did since this
was the stuff being dumped into our drinking water; and I
wanted to show the label to my
family and friends so they
could see first-hand what they
were drinking. The druggist
said, 'Why the small amount of
fluoride going into our water
couldn't possibly hurt you'.
With that remark he brought out
his 'Pharmacopoeia', the druggists' 'bible', and looked up
this chemical. As he read from
the book his eyes blinked harder and widened like saucers as
he read that sodium fluoride
was a cumulative poison and
even in trace amounts of one
part in so many million was
highly dangerous to the soft
organs of the body and brought
about calcification damage to
the heart valves and other
parts of the body. Then he
said, 'My God ! They've been
lying to us in the papers,
haven't they?' Every doctor and
druggist can look up the term
'fluorides' for himself and if
he is humane to any degree at
all will warn his friends and
clients to avoid drinking water
containing t h i s cumulative
''Dr. Marcus Fite in 'Health
Sense' certainly brought out
facts in his. article on refined
sugar as the great vampire.
Refined, bleached white flour
has the same vampire effect on
our bodies. It is no wonder
that Western Germany has outlawed bleached flour for over
two years now. With cancer and
all the other degenerative
`mystery' diseases increasing
in this country like wildfire,
isn't it about time we become
really concerned about the
mineral -starved 'foods' and

become an institution .'' -- vampire concoctions we swallow?
Esther B. Mathews, larberth, Organized Medicine, AdvertisPenn. ing, and Religion have us, the
ß ß 'masses o f asses' , so brain"When is The ABERREE going washed that it is almost a
back to its better days? I get cardinal sin to think for ourvery weary of the half-baked selves. MAR. is the word I have
religionists, pseudo -mys- coined from the names of these
tics, etc., ad infinitum, ad three big multimillion dollar
nauseam. If the next issue has industries -- since you will MAR
more substance or 'workable' your life, body, and soul if
techniques, I'll renew my sub- you swallow their propaganda."
scription." -- R.W.Lundberg, San -- B. E. F., Chicago, Ill.

Jose, Calif.
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