Volume 7, Issue 3, page 14

rese Neuman are not true. The ing for a true master. In the to each other and thinking for
body controls its temperature atter case, the object of his ourselves and maybe we'll get
by the evaporation of fluid search could have been to at- somewhere. I agree with you
from the surface of the body. tain for himself, eventually, that much that has been writThat fluid must be replaced. this mastery of life. This same ten concerning God has interAlso, the body generates heat. information can be obtained fered with the learning of
The laws of energy require from those who are not 'Mas- truth. This is mainly because
that the body be supplied with ters' in the mystical sense people have been taught to acthe fuel that supplies the en- but are, nevertheless, master:. wept without question anything
ergy. The human body is pour- in their particular area of that is put out of a religious
ished from within and not from experience, having learned the nature. I am not against
without. Fasting causes the basis of mastership. churches -- but I am a 'quesbody to consume its own flesh "These are the 'silent ones' tioner', as you so rightly
in order to survive. Nho go about their business of called me. If a statement about
" I l i k e your editorial using what they know. Once Jod or any part of our unipage." -- Morris Katzen, Cooks they learn what is essential verse does not make sense to
falls, N. Y. for their needs, they often me, I will not pretend that it
stop analyzing the knowledge does. I will not reject it for
"When I offered my sugges- of truth which they have and that reason, either, however,
tion to Jacob Apse]. of looking keep busy doing instead of because this is a good indicaamong 'the silent ones' for talking. It might be necessary tion that someone else has had
those who had attained a 'mas- to seek them out -- ask them experiences that I have not
tery of life', I was not look- what you wanted to know at the had, or has had a different
ing for a controversy, or in- time and perhaps convince them background, so that he in t ertimating that I knew all there that you had a practical need prets differently. By keeping
was to know. Each of us know- for this knowledge. I do not 'open' on the subject, my fusome 'bit' of truth and often, think you would be refused. ture experiences will bring
a new viewpoint will add to Wherever there is a real need, added insight.
our insight -- just as some of there can be found someone who "As to 'tests' to prove
his observances, printed in can answer this need. We do not that this or that teaching can
ABERREE, have added to mine. have to learn everything from stand up, tests can be made to
"From Jacob's letter in the one person - -or everything at seemingly prove or disprove
April ABERREE, it appears that one time. We learn a little, anything. Daily living is the
he has made an extensive search apply it, and then we become most rugged test that any idea
among t h e various mystical capable of learning more. can be subjected to. My daily
schools, including many face- "True mastery is something living test, however, is only
to-face contacts with the heads that develops within. It is proof that satisfies me (and
of these schools -- in each case the ability to see things from ',nly temporarily at that). It
finding these leaders to have a larger viewpoint -- both space- probably wouldn 't satisfy you
feet of clay. wise and time-wise. (Foolish- and this does not concern me.
"It seems to be a human ness is usually short-sighted- I am responsible for what I
characteristic to Search for ness.' It is the ability to think, for changing or not
someone, or something, that see simple, basic truth beneath changing my mind, for the
can be deified. I have know the complexity of life. It is agreements I make, for my acseveral heads of 'schools' of the ability to see many sides tions, and for the effect on me
the type Jacob mentioned. In to a situation and to be able of what goes on around me. I
every case, one of their most to make the best choice in de- allow others this same freedom.
serious problems is that they cisions. They haRe it anyway -- if they
must continually be discourag- "Wars (public or private) wish to 'strike this blow for
ing some of their students (or are fought because more than freedom'." -- Florence Worrell,
members) from looking upon one party thinks 'he is right Saratoga, Calif.
them as someone to be worship- and everyone else is wrong' --
ped. I have heard some of these shen each could learn from the
'leas made by leaders who were other. One of the first steps America's ill Health artiIlse enough to know that they to mastery would necessarily cle by Harold D. Kinney in the
did not know it all and humble be humility