Volume 7, Issue 3, page 11

Send your question direct to LOUIS, P.O.
Box 21, Morristown, Ariz. Enclose selfaddressed, stamped envelope for personal
reply in case there is not room for an
answer in the columns of The AMINE.

DEAR LOUIS -- Do you see inflation or depression in the
ismediate near future, or
should I ask such questions?ó
Mr. I, Denver, Colo.

DEAR FRIEND -- Ask any questions you like, but I do not
guarantee to give The Answer.
As I see the economic situation, it reminds me of a huge
teeter-totter -- and the situation can swing in either direction. I do not see any big
changes until the 1963-1965
cycle is ushered in.
DEAR LOUIS -- Pour letters
are wonderful and inspirational. We read them over and over,
but late l y there has been
quite a long unit between letters. We are concerned over the
possibility that you sight be
ill. -- S. F., Miami, Fla.

DEAR FRIEND -- Thank you for
your concern over my health.
I'm happy to report that I'm
just as fat and sassy as ever,
but I do have a problem -- and
that is how to get more than
24 hours into a day. Seriously,
time was (and it was not too
long ago) that my mail bag
contained about a hundred letters per week. This number I
could handle nicely. Then I
joined The ABERREE, and the
number tripled. Last week 's
mail bag came close to a thousand. So, try as I do, a time
gap is inevitable. I would
suggest airmail; that helps.
If the letter is urgent, then
mark it so, and send it airmail
special delivery, both ways.
DEAR LOUIS -- Fly son is 26
years of age and shows little
or no responsibility. He has
never held a steady job. He is
not even interested in girls.
What's wrong? -- G.S., New Pork.

DEAR G. S. -- This is what I
call a somewhat involved situation. Regardless of his age,
let's face it; your son has
JUNE, 1960
not grown up... and, this is
partly due to the environmental
climate under which he reached
this age. An individual must
assume some of the "veneer "of
adulthood, in spite of that
which surrounds him. Your sop
has always been Mamma's Baby,
and he believes it. From his
vibrational pattern, it is indicated that he is seeking, but
in the wrong direction. He must
first look within . As to his
love life, biology will take
care of that , one way or the
DEAR LOUIS -- A friend lent se
a copy of The ABERREE and I
found it most helpful and interesting. I's not a subscriber, but would you answer a
question for se? Shall I look
zround for an apartment or reiecorate the apartment I am
living in?- M.L., Cleveland,0.

DEAR M. L . -- Don't you know
everyone should be an ABERREE
subscriber -- but you will be
shortly, won't you? From the
vibrations I receive, I want
to say, most emphatically, stay
put. As I look over your apartment, I see that it does need
a face lifting... and in case
you're interested, blue is
your best vibration color. So,
why not redecorate in shades
of blue -- dark blues for depth,
light blue for contrast, with
a few hints of blue-violet or
turquoise -- with a dash or two
of tangerine for accent. You'll
be amazed what this setting
will do for you.

This page (and most of
the others) was made up when
we got a report from Louis
on the objects used in his
E. S. P. test May 1. If you
tried the test, and didn't
send your data in, you'll
be interested in what might
have been your score. Anyhow, here 'tis (or, here
'twits) !
2 3 4
5 6 7 8
1 -- Head of Buddha
2 -- Wrist watch
3 -- Book of matches
4 -- $20 bill
5 -- Yellow card
6 -- Green card
7 -- Pink card
8 -- Light brown card
9 -- Queen of spades
More on this next month,
we hope. -- The EDITOR.

The best laid plans -- in
this case, of a prospective
mother -- can go awry when baby
decides not to obey the laws
laid down for it, and arrives
early. And that's what Tara Sue
did to film. ILO (,Teanne) Raeby
of New York city about April
3. However, Mamma got to stay
home for the affair, even if
it wasn't quite as "natural "
as she'd planned. Anyhow, she
likes this "knowing what's going on" system best, Jeanne
1 Lucipuss, after a year's
production shutdown (for internal repairs?) mothered four
kittens a few days ago, and on
impulse, and for no other
reason, they were named for
four regular contributors to
The ABERREE -- Louis, Arthur,
Philip, and Alberta. Oddly,
Louis precociously opened his
eyes two days after birth,
almost a week ahead of his
brothers and sister. Philip
got dropped during his first
transfer from the shed to the
house, and developed a knot
(naught) over one eye, which
is going away. Arthur is proving a hisser and spitter, while
Alberta lets her brothers run
over her, hogging all the dinners. Doesn't take long for
these little balls of fur to
start developing personalities , making it a bit rough
when some of them get adopted,
or suffer a cat-astrophe, as
in the past.
∂ It was so long ago that
the editor had almost forgotten
that he could be an alumnus of
anything pre-dating some of
the soul-polishing factories
we've been suckered into, but
recently, when the publisher
learned that the editor's high
school alumni were holding
their annual get-together in
nearby Lahoma that evening, we
decided to drop all cares and
go, even tho there was little
:rime to prepare more than a
cherry pie as our share of the
cafeteria-style " picnic ". In a
way, it was quite a shock. Ye
Ed. was the oldest alumnus present -- in fact, he was the only
one whose last ye:.r of attendance was in the 'old school "