Volume 7, Issue 3, page 10

HE SYNERGETIC society was
organized in 1959. Its purpose is to promote the development and application
of Synergetics. It is open
Ito any human being or other intelligent entity. A constitution has been adopted and
officers and a council elected.
Bill Sell, Naples, Fla., was
elected president.

The immediate objective of
the Synergetic Society is to
help its members become Synergetic "stables ". A "stable" is
defined, technically, as an
intelligent entity (usually
human) who has stabilized in
what we call the "synergic
mode" of function. This is a
new mode of function made
available on a stable basis
for the average individual for
the first time in history by
Synergetics. It should not be
identified with the goals of
other schools, altho of course
there are some similarities.

Altho the synergic mode was
first discovered in 1952, and
evoked temporarily on an increasingly regular basis from
then on, the first Synergetic
"stable " did not appear until
1958. He reported a number of
interesting findings; among
them the following:
1. Complete elimination of
all emotional problems. &notions come under complete rational control.
2. A marked increase in
speed and clarity of thinking,
with increased u se of fast
non-verbal modes of thought.
3. An increase in overall
effectiveness of about threefold, measured by increased
accuracy, aptness, and speed
of action. "It is as if my
whole life has speeded up. All
my perceptions, all my vital
processes, everything I do,
seem to be going on at a much
faster rate."
4. Total self-honesty.
5. Marked improvement in
ability to recall.
6. Increased control over
internal body processes.
7. Establishment of a condition of rapid growth and development of personality,
knowledge, and abilities.

Since then, a number of
other individuals have reported
having stabilized in the synergic mode. (It should be noted that Scientology clears
are not stables in the Synergetic sense, since they observably to not use the synergic
mode. This is not to deny the
gains some of them have made.)
The number is slowly but steadily growing.

Meanwhile, development of
the science of Synergetics continues. Basically new approach
has been developed, which it
is estimated will cut "stabilization time" (the time required to stabilize in the
synergic mode) in half. This
approach begins not with the
elimination of impedances (aberrations) but by the development of basic synergic abilities, This is done in synergic
augmentations , or "brain -
boosts". (The first trial of a
"brain-boost " evoked second
order overdrive in about five
minutes; overdrive continued
for about 48 hours before being deliverately turned down.)
With these synergic powers
thus activated, the syngeneer
then turns off impedances with
much greater ease and effectiveness.

The Synergetic Society is
launching "Operation Hercules"
soon. The purpose is to apply
the new approach on an organized basis. Altho primarily
designed for Synergetic Society
*embers, Operation Hercules is
open to all, members and nonmembers alike. It is even open
to Scientologists, altho no
promises can be made unless
they are willing to eliminate
certainty conditioning.

The stable state, wonderful
tho it is, is only a step on
the road of synergic evolution.
There are no limits to the
degree of synergy that can be
achieved -- at least, none has
been discovered to date. Recently, two states beyong stable have been discovered and
temporarily evoked. First is
the "synergic operator" -- a
stable who has approximately
double the synergic rowers of
an "ordinary stable". He uses
what we call "second order
synergy " -- second order hyperception, second order hyperthinking, second order c reative emotion, second order
hyperaction, etc. In addition,
a number of new synergic abilities are demonstrable. As indicated, the state of " synergic
operator " has not been evoked

Second is the "socratic
agent ". This state, too, has
been evoked temporarily, mo re
than once ; a n d there is no
doubt it can be achieved. A
"socratic agent" has an estimated four times the synergic
powers of a " synergic operator", or about eight times the
synergic powers of an "ordinary stable". Attainment of
this state requires the activation of a new kind of field
called the socratic field. A
socratic agent is one who has
stabilized his ability to function in this field.

NUTS ARE rich in minerals, particularly iron,
lime, an d calcium. Nuts are free from
waste products, and do not readily decay,
either in the body or outside of it. Nuts
furnish perfect protein -- far superior to
those of cereals and more complete than
those of eggs.
Most nuts are rich in oils. The fats (oils)
of nuts are the most easily digested and assimilated of all forms of fat.

Peanuts are not nuts, but legumes. The peanut is highly overrated. Peanuts have a high
protein, phosphoric acid, and starch content.
That combination makes it highly acid-forming
and when eaten with anything but green vegetables, very difficult to digest. Peanut butters are commonly roasted, salted, and have
hog lard added. Go easy on the peanut.

All true nuts are beneficial, BUT they are
concentrated foods, and should be eaten moderately and thoroly masticated.

A medical student has proven (to himself,
at least), that cancer develops in rats much
faster when rats are not exercised than when
they were made to run 50 miles a day, or swim
four hours out of each 24. Next "cure-all" for
cancer: Maybe just a little more hard work!
10 The ABERREE JUNE, 1960