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Is Cere for Cancer,
Mental Ills Based on
Understanding Christ
'WIDELY scattered thru hundreds of ancient
and modern volumes, most of what we say
in this story may be found. Many able
authors have shown the so-called Sacred
Scriptures to be unhistorical, and pronounced them largely legendary, spurious,
and fraudulent.

Beyond the arrangement of this work, little
is claimed as original. Ideas, phrases, and
even whole paragraphs have been taken from the
writings of others, and, in most cases, acknowledged.

The most amazing feature of the whole matter is the fraudulent manner in which the pious "church fathers" made their "Holy Bible",
and the gullibility of the multitude in swallowing the fraud as "the Word of God".

After the founding of the Church, an army
of trusted, prejudiced scribes went to work,
under the watchful eye of the Church. A huge
task lay ahead. Thousands of scrolls in the
Alexandrian Library had to be examined, and
some selected for use in making the Bible,
while others would be used to compile a revised history of the ancient world. For the
Church would naturally make ancient history
agree with its claims that the ancient pagans
were a superstitious, heathenish people, and
the Church was born to lead humanity from the
darkness of ignorance into the light of knowledge.

This nefarious work of the "Church Fathers"
in compiling the Bible and revising ancient
history is admitted even by such a Christian
authority as the Catholic Encyclopedia. In
Vol. 4, Page 498, appears the statement that
it was the custom of the (Christian) scribes
to lengthen out here and there, to harmonize
passages, or to add their own explanatory material.

It also maintains that "It is the public
character of all (Christian) divines to mold
and bend the sacred oracles until they comply
with their own fancy, spreading them... like a
curtain, closing together or drawing them back
as they pleased."
In Vol. 7, Page 845, it is stated that:
"Even the genuine Epistles were greatly interpolated to lend weight to the personal views
of their authors".

And what could be more informing and enlightening as to the crooked work of t h e
"Church Fathers" than this statement in Vol.
12, Page 788: "There was need for a revision
(of the ancient writings), which is not yet
complete, ranging from all that has been handed down from the Middle Ages".

Of thil. "revision" of ancient history, Higgins stated: "Every ancient author, without
exception, has come down to us thru the medium Christian historians, indirectly confesses
of Christian editors, who have...corrupted that he had related whatever might redound to
them all" (The Anacalypsisl. the glory of religion, and suppressed all that
In his "Decline and Fall of Rome", Gibbon could tend to the disgrace of it."
asserted that Eusebius, "the Greatest of the (Continued in the next issue)

NE OF THE most important keys to the prevention and cure of cancer and mental ailments is an understanding of what is Jesus
Christ. There is no historical record of a
man-god named Jesus Christ. The most reliable evidence that no such man ever
existed is in the Bible.

The story about Jesus Christ is a myth. By
the word "myth ", I mean an allegory based on
natural truth. The Bible is about the physiological functions within the human body.
Jesus Christ is a mythical personification of
the human seed -- "Thy seed, which is Christ", --
Galatians 3:16. "Know ye not your own selves,
how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be
reprobates" -- 2 Corinthians 13:5.

Teaching the masses that a man-god will
come again from outer space is a colossal deception. That man-god is called Jesus Christ
and he is supposed to be the Son of God. The
fact is that the biblical Son of God is within.
That fact is confirmed by the passage that
says, "He that hath the Son hath life; and he
that hath not the Son of God hath not life" --
1 John 5:12.

The Bible tells us that the body is the
temple of God. If God is within, why is there
need for an outer Christ?
The human seed is the inner Christ. The
sexual fluid is personified by Jesus Christ,
who is the Water of Life. The sexual fluid is
the biblical Water of Life.

The biblical Devil is a mythical personification of the feces in the intestines and it
is symbolically a serpent. The feces in the
intestines is also the mythical Satan and the
dragon. The Devil, Satan, serpent, and dragon
are synonymous (Revelation 12:9). A dictionary
will confirm the fact that the dragon is a
mythical creature. It logically fellows that
the other three creatures are also mythical
creatures. It was one of the mythical creatures
who took Jesus to the top of a mountain. In
mysticism, mountain is a symbol of the feces
in the intestines. Therefore, Jesus bein
taken to the top of the mountain by the Devi
means that the feces took the sexual fluid to
the top of the feces in the intestines. This
is an important mystical fact about inner alchemical processes.

According to th3 Bible, the kingdom of God
is within. The entire kingdom of God is within.
including heaven and hell. Whether heaven is
within or hell is within depends on whether
light or darkness rules within. Where seed is
cast out of the body, darkness rules within.
The human seed is the light within that gives
life to the body. You kill Christ when you de(PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 97
8 The ABERREE JUNE, 1960