Volume 7, Issue 3, page 4

The WORLD's III-Health
IOU ARE going to loathe this article, the whole 3,000,000,000 of
you. (ED. NOTEóOh, come now, Alfred, The ABERREE hasn't that many
readers!) But what do you expect a
friend to do, butter you up or
tell you what really is wrong,basically and fundamentally? As Alphia
said last month, God looked nowhere and saw there was a lot of
nothing there and so he made or "created"
Adam and Eve from it and the whole universe besides. That's how Adam and Eve
started but neither that couple nor their
descendants are ever going to finish.
They are independent and separate now and
their immortal soulsóyours too -- are going on forever and ever and ever.

Since we have to die after a few years, that
leaves a lot of infinity after death that has
to be explained. Judaism, Christianity, and
Islam have their own official theories about
this but the majority of people are a trifle
doubtful. Hence the popularity of a little
"direct action" by means of Spiritualism and

Thus only one end of our immortal soul's
existence is tidily explainedówe were made
from nothing. The other end -- the infinite end --
is decidedly "untidy" and confused.

Another group of religionsóHinduism, Buddhism, Taoismóbelieves we came from God and
return to God and are never anything else but
God. In practice, however, the Oriental is just
as ego-ridden and "touchy" as his egotistic,
immortal-soul brother in this country. If you
asked a Japanese waiter in a Tokyo restaurant
about koans and satori, he would look as blank
as the average person here if a Japanese visitor asked him about Logos.

The ideal of ego is simple. It is to gain
complete control so that you are reduced to a
sort of plaster statue, when you get older,
with two pathetic little eyes popping out, if
you don't die sooner.

F. Matthies Alexander in England and a host
of others here have explained how these pernicious tensions work. By the time they break
out, at the weakest points, into specific and
named diseases, they are affairs for the physician and surgeon. Before that, as Harold D.
Kinney said last month, the developing disease
process should be recognized and stopped. There
are of course exercises. The way to relieve a
muscle tension, as every physiotherapist knows,
is paradoxically to increase it, even to and
beyond the pain-point. Such physical means are
very helpful, but they are not enough.

Once again the result has been removed but
not the cause, which still continues. Nor have
we considered the mental side, the anxieties.
unhappiness, boredom, lack of love, neuroses,

The cause is ego's wrong idea of himself --
that he "decides ". He cannot stop it, either,
since to decide not to decide is a joke. He
doesn't want to be boss, perhaps, and yet he
is stuck with it -- stuck with it forever and
ever and ever.

Ego is a nice Latin word so let us say
self"óyou, my dear sir, and you, madam.

Once in awhile, ego gives in, surrenders,
and to the great advantage of the organism
which can do very well indeed without interference, as it does every night while we sleep.
Then there are ' cures ' which we call miraculous, as at Lourdes, by Christian Science, by
such as Oral Roberts.

They happen all right, but as I said, 'once
in awhile". Nor does it matter what you believe in if you can only go so far as to lose
yourself for a moment. It is far from easy.

There is a great reward for this difficult
surrender. What we call God and many other
names reaches into every part of your organism
and stops the rot. If deterioration has not
gone too far, the reverse process -- or improvement -- begins. It can be sudden or slow, physical and mental.

It is not only human beings mio deteriorate
more than they should with age; it is also
society. At the present moment, we are faced
with the end-result of tensions in world affairs caused by and analogous to those in human
individuals. If you live in a city, your life
depends on some individual in a foreign councry who does not even know you. His missile is
aired; pressure on the bottom sits only a
telephone call. In the near future, you may
actually see your potential death circling the
globe regularly as a satellite with a nuclear

Maybe 2 billion persons out of the 3 billion
in the world actually profess a belief in God
under that or some other name, and most of the
other billion have some vague substitute. Nevertheless, they are not interested in even attempting this direct breakthru to the One Self.

Gautama, after his enlightenment, thought
for weeks about whether he should even attempt
to bring it to the people. Jesus knew constant
frustration. Few would listen to him today.

Today, articles on this most wonderful of
all possibilities provoke no action and are
read with a complete mental block. Men of
splendid intellects, quick to catch the slightest clue in other matters, research workers,
scientists -- all three will be as blind to this
article as to may three others in this magazine,
which are now as dead as yesterday's newspaper.

However, if it is God's will, this will
spread to cover the entire earth. If not, some
reader who delights in outrageous paradoxes
may find this one the most fantastic of all --
that people will give their lives and fortunes
for anything less than the truth, but for the
one absolute truth will hardly lift an eyebrow. The one absolute truth is that God can
be known as well and as closely as you know
your best friend. That is what life is for. I