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B R ItE Ä Recusant Vo of 'The Infinites
for Earth, Marsice, Venus, Saturn,
Pluto,,and Zydokunuauskehen
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Publisher: ALICE AGNES HART: I-1, HCA, SEC., WE., Lbrn.. H.xpr., ETC.

POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously. The infiniteness of Man is not
reduced to a "split infinity" by wars, taxes, or "experts"who
seek to sell him that which he already has in an infinite amount.

Sub-Policy: We reserve the right to change our minds from issue to
issue, or even from page to page, ff we desire.

Sub-Sub-Policy: Each man has the inherent right to be his own and only
"Authority" -- with his wife's permission, of course.

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HOW MANY ARE We doubt if
ABLE. WILLING many of our
TO BE HONEST? readers e v e r
burgled a safe,
stuck up a bank, killed a policeman, or committed others
of the capital crimes which
have peopled our prisons. Some
may have cheated a bit -- unconsciously, of course -- on income tax reports, but this not
being one of the Ten Commandments, is looked upon more as
a game of American roulette, a
distant cousin to the Russian
game by the same name.

Since you have committed
none of the crimes mentioned
above, this makes you an honest, upstanding citizen of your
community. You probably are
entitled to eat wafers and sip
wine in your church, depending
on customs of your sect; to
pass the collection plate; to
cuss your equally honest neighbor and the honest cop who
gives you a ticket for overparking, and in myriad ways,
feel smug and complacent as you
contemplate your home, your
car, your television, and whatever you may be drinking at the
moment. If you don't drink --
not even coffee -- you can add
this to the things you are
privileged to cuss, and feel
just a mite more smug and superior than those who do.

But, for a CHANGE, let's be
REALLY honest and do just a
bit of mind-searching. Damn
the torpedoes! (And you'll run
into a lot of them if you even
think of trying to find out
what makes you tick.)
Most of ur rationalize our
actions and motives, and come
up with answers as metaphorical as "Grandpa had a knack
for figures" when asked, "Ho'
much is two plus two?" We lONOW
the answer, ,but in our all-out
effort to be"honest", we must
first explain why we have the
ability to have answers, We'd
expect to be judged conceited
if we came out with a flatfooted admission of knowledge,
and would prefer that people
say of ns: "Isn't he modest?
I'lI bet there's a lot of
knowledge hidden in that noggin of his." Isn't this affected modesty just a trick to
get recognition for something
that isn't so?
Here, we must admit that
one of our pet peeves is tht
person who refuses to give his
or her brain credit for knowing how to store data and compute. When they come up with
an answer that isn't written
on a board 10 feet high, they
explain it away by saying, ''I
guess I'm psychic; get it from
my (mother, aunt, grandmother,
etc.)" Often, when this happens, we are tempted to take
them back via questioning thru
their A=A=A process, and learn
whether they are tapping hidden powers or merely dodging
responsibility for their own

This human trait of fraudulent posing was brought to
mind by a catalog sent us, advertising books and courses on
hypnotism, suggesting you can
learn to hypnotize without the
subject being aware of it.
Which, to our way of thinking,
merits flat rejection by anyone with a mite of conscience.
The fact that hypnotism and
other sub rosa control are being used shows why this catalog will not go unwasted. Dollars will pour in from "upstanding citizens" who want to
keep their community rating.
yet indulge their secret desire
of placing their fellow men in
their clutches -- men who, in the
past, have shown an aggravating ability of thinking for
themselves. Now. with no one
being the wiser... Ha! And Ha!
One thing mast be said for
the catalog -- it isn't often an
advertiser admits whet be's up
to, or offering. tany firms,
therapists, most churches are
doing the same thing -- with far
less honesty. On the plea that
they are trying to " save "you ,
they peddle fear, hate, narrow-mindedness, turning their
followers into fear-crazed,
intemperate zealots. Had their
leaders subjected themselves
to honest self-appraisal to
discover whether they wanted
to help, or merely anted to
be worshipped as laders, half
of mankind's woes could flush
down the sewer with other refuse of similar mature.

Remember the first book on
Dianetics, and the "miracles"
reported from readers who used
it on themselves amid friends?
You know any 'professional"
auditors able to elais the results some"sateuas"surprisingly got a decade or so ago?
Why? (bold it be that the
amateurs, the so-called 'book
auditors'. ware wining the exercises with one bonnet aim --
to make it wort on themselves
and friends mio needed help? A
professional writer. like a
medical spemaalist. is in business, and more timm half his
intent is to build prestige
for himself.
the founder,
while help
the patient
is merely

we. speak from perIn this,

sonal experience. fbi l e we
were students stow first Dianetics course, and shortly
after graduating". we, in our
blundering way. were so successful in several instances
that our auditing ea in demand. Then. stew more courses,
a few more deg ees -- smi fewer
successes. We made an honest
appraisal, and discovered that
the initial drive had been
blunted. The more we knew. the
more we were inclined to be --
rote auditors, following " systems " and techniques. painfully accumulated from classes
and books. We did such-andsuch because that was what you
were supposed to do in a Type
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 case. We'd
reached the stage where've knew
more about auditing than we
knew about people. So we quit.

How honest can you get?
Well, you can decide to live,
to be, do, and have an existence HERE and NOW. Or you can
skid thru a hypocritical dayto-day farce, pretending that
you're enjoying things you despise so that you will be prepared for a 'death" of which
you're afraid. But whichever
you do, let's do some looking
and see if that's what we
really want. Honest looking,
that is.