Volume 6, Issue 9, page 5

Writer Tells of Money He Has Spent Trying to Find Truth About God ,
Only to Learn that the Scribes Haven't Improved in 2,000 Years
no "Iflasfers"-In Heaven dor On Earf hi
T IS A SAD commentary that the intel- have two-way communication with God?" You will
ligent know so much they bypass God. be answered by evasion, and by abuse if you
But intellectuals in the field of materialism persist. a
are not the only offenders. fair sum of money disowned me with venom be
Jesus was terribly annoyed with the I exposed his Heaven World communicant
intellectuals of his day ,the Scribes as being an ordinary mortal rather than "The
and the Pharisees. The Scribes are Holy One as he called himself
There is nothing further from the truth

still with us, more abundantly within than the commonly accepted phrase, "There are
the framework of Christianity, but many paths to God*. These "paths *are meant to
not absent from Judaism, Buddhism, include religions as well as their splinter
and metaphysics in general. groups, all of which separate people into
In the " Tavigga Sutta " (see Sacred Books of groups and factions. The hate and rivalry that
Buddhists -- F. Max Muller), the Scribes (Bran- prevail even within factions of the same re
mans) are raked by the Buddha as being the legions breed and foster separateness, and
blind leading the blind -- teaching their people could not possibly be "paths" to God, Who is
who Brahma is and the path to reach him. Sri togetherness.

Ramakrishna, too, taught the futility of reach- Neither is God "Everything to everybody ";
ing or knowing God thru the Scriptures. See only the word