Volume 6, Issue 8, page 16

structed material designed
only to create, to continue,
sustain powerful non-physical
images in the mind of health,
self-direction, self-determination, self-confidence, selfassurance, of decisiveness, of
energetic, efficient., constructive , action , whereby one
may be rewarded, not with'gol --
den chains' but with goldbacked banknotes that pay for
the groceries, put money in
the bank and provide good and
useful things roundabout. I
have many, many real people to
back up my statements. Recently a leading New York actor
was afforded an entire hour on
*IBC, New York's major radio
station , detailing the transformation of his mental picturising system from poverty to
success via our specific methodologies. He was so convincing that the radio station's
telephone board was jammed
with thousands of calls from
hearers, who presumably were
attracted by the obvious results." -- Vo lney G. Mathison,
Los Angeles, Calif.
4 4 4
"Bill Sell has been elected
president of the Synergetics
Society, effective October 1.
Other Council members are: Jim
Young, Veep ; Paul Cox, Treasurer ; Betty Howard, Secretary ;
Art Coulter, Mary Cox, and
Fred Hibbard, ordinary members. Bill is a dynamic, likable little man with a deliciously wry sense of humor and
a world of common sense.
"When the organization gets
to functioning, I'll try to
send you a yarn on it. one
change is that all Synergetic
publications -- CHANGE ,NEW HORIa)NS , and the Hibbard Synergetic NEWSLb:rrER -- are being
consolidated into one monthly
publication, to be called
HORIZONS are being retained as
"departments" in the new
CHANGE." -- Art Coulter, Columbus, Ohio. 4 4 4
"I have no wish to monopolize on space, nor to pose as
an authority or teacher. Simply make reply to Mr. Trubshaw.
What does he mean by his very
title, 'The Lost Christ Teachings?' Seems he refers to
Christ as a man or some personality that lived 2,000 years
ago. One could not make a
greater error. How shall one
know the Christ teachings until
they nave found the Christ? It
is plain to see that Mr. Trubshaw has not done this. I f ever
an editorial meant anything at
all, the one of previous issue
in respect to the trains fits
in very well here. The Christ
teachings are not lost in any
sense that M r. Trubshaw refers,
but they are lost until man
has found his Christ. Not the
'only begotten son', but the
ever-becoming one.
"Mr. Trubshaw will haw to
spend the rest of his life unlearning most of what he has
learned, for he is lost in a
vast maze of individual philosophies of life, and while he
refers to 'outworn philosophies' gives others the impression that there is something 'new under the sun'. But
in respect to regeneration or
salvation for mankind, or universal brotherhood of which he
mentions, there has always
been but one way. There is
nothing new under the sun. We
haven't made discoveries, that's
"I gave a key in a previous
letter, but the keyhole is low.
One has to bend than to unlock
the closed door. After having
written about 'Jesus', he
switches it to Joshua t h e
Christ in his letter and in
his article, Joshua of Nazareth. But the interesting fact
is that there was no village,
town, or city by any such name
at the supposed time of Jesus.
And not until 150 years later
was one made to fit the words
Jesus the Nazarene. The name
of the place was En Nasira.
The Nazarenes were simply a
sect or cult or order as were
the Essenes. Among these was
one born whose name was Youseph, and perhaps with the
mystical name of Apollonius,
who did miracles even to raising the dead. No time or money
has been spared to destroy
anything pertaining to h is
life, for on that life was the
New Testament fabricated, and
the Roman Church founded for
political purposes.
"Divide and conquer is good
policy. Add confusion to confusion is the best ally. Hence
from the 'outworn' philosophies came something 'new under the sun'. From the ancient
philosophy of the individual
life we have an amazing array
of individual philosophies.
"The ancient wise ones were
much smarter than Constantine
and his popes and bible writers. They hid the gold watch
in the garbage container in
spite of Professor Hotema's
lost records and destroyed
documents. These wise ones
would not have been very wise
had they not been able to foresee. So the Bible may be the
garbage container. But it is
more like a restaurant where
one can go and have a weiner
on a stale bun, or turkey and
trimmings. Man usually finds

what he looks for, and according to his pocket book (intellect) gets it. Don't pull the
restaurant down because you
don't like the weiners and bun.
The turkey goes with it. We do
not want ten thousand 'Christ
Laws' to make a world brotherhood. We need to shake hands
and co-operate, and try to understand each other. We need
to get rid of the thousand individual philosophies which go
to form religions and return
to the fundamentals. .The Sermon on the Mount was written
thousands of years previous A.
D. But it seems to be not Love
the Brotherhood, but love OUR
brotherhood. Yet the Sun will
still shine to say, 'I am the
way, without me ye cannot live' .
We need not judge another. As
two pictures in the art gallery judge-themselves, so do
men by their differences.
"In respect to the 'junk'
that the editor may pick up
along the way. He may even
find something useful in that.
Mr. Editor, why should you
bother if the man stands on
the corner and shouts 'Jesus
saves'? Would you take the
bottle from the babe? And would
you slay all idiots because
they may be lower on the ladder than yourself? Daily they
would try to 'save my soul'.
'Who gave you authority to
rule over us?' Or Mr.Trubshaw,
or Mr. Kristy, or Mr. Hotema,
or Billy Graham , or John Dobbs?
'Get wisdom , but with all thy
getting, get understanding.'
Thus in the garbage container,
I find a pearl of great price:
a gold watch that works. 'Red
Hands', and your 'I am with
the all powerful, etc.,' you've
got more than you realize only
you don't understand yourself
(unimportant). Cosmic retribution does not fall on us for
what we believe, but for what
we do. It's time to mend the
nets. A great work, 'Red
Hands'. Individual philosophies don't count in the reckoning."Under the Sun we all once
met. Under the Sun we shall
all meet again. This is regeneration. This is Salvation.
This is Brotherhood." -- John
Dobbs, Burnaby, B.C., Canada.

"I've enjoyed your ABERREE
all along the line, since it's
given me many opportunities to
work disagreements out of my
system; and the material you
print certainly offers many
people the chance to disagree
-- and thus to find out WY they
disagree, WHY their own beliefs are so'right'. At least,
it does this for me, and I
think it will do so for many