Volume 6, Issue 8, page 9

" the Curtain" -- visible and invisible -- and expound what they see. I don't know how many mediums I have seen, listened to , or read for,
altogether -- without coming to regard myself as
a medium. Some mediums, watching me as I spoke
before a huge painting of "The Last Supper" ,
saw entities around me I certainly didn't know
were there. And when I read for some of them ,
the most amazing material came forth. Because
I am, and have been for many years, a writer
of fiction, I've done much soul-searching on
the validity of my studies, feeling that the
writer's imagination might be corking overtime. Besides, people simply couldn't be that
wonderful ! But what I "imagined" was true, I
discovered, especially in the area of the
"marvelousness" of people. There is none, anywhere, who is not marvelous. I wish everybody
knew this. Having now done hundreds of studies
since I did some of the first at Zip Dobyns's
place in Tucson, Ariz., I have been amazed to
discover also how diversified is man. People
closely associated now have crossed trails before, down the generations, incarnations, and
ages, but each has walked his own trail, seeking his own salvation, and doing some mighty
works during the endless walk. Even I have.
Even you. Our work has all been somewhat comparable else we'd not be in incarnation together.

I believe the "desert's red hands" worked a
little better, with more finesse, in "The
House of Love " -- and this I say with no disloyalty to the desert or those with whom I worked
EOPLE, from those whom others call the
greatest to those whom others call the
least, are pretty marvelous. I've met some
of the most marvelous in recent weeks and
months, taking the "red hands" into areas
where needed. I've just returned to Paradise after spending a week in St. Petersburg,
Fla. I went there, via Tampa, after spending a
week in Melbourne -- but in this particular
piece, I wish to write about St.Petersburg,
and "The House of Love", so-called because it
is virtually a shrine to the late Dr.Love,
inventor of electronic devices hundreds of
years ahead of their time. The guardian angel
of this shrine is the Doctor's widow, Mandah
Love, who carries on much of the Doctor's work.
She is, and for some years has been, closely
associated with Masters of whom the world hears
little, tho it is constantly being "impressed"
by them. She is a beautiful woman and one of
the most efficient I have ever met. Under her
aegis people came to receive the" red hands", there and shall work again. The work was pinto experience N-Stress, and to be "studied". pointed because of much experience of such
Mrs. Love suggested I should call my "read- work. I slept in a room where Masters with
ings" "studies" rather than "readings" and strange names have slept, where some have lived
brought perhaps a score of persons to have for months. I met some great men who have made
their auras read and discussed. At this point, themselves small, some small men who are great
I should add that with no suggestion from me, because they do not seek to be. I listened to
while I was "studying" one of those who came stories out of "The Arabian Nights" which just
at Mrs. Love's suggestion , she took the N- happened to be true; I never once doubted that
Stress from its carrying case and adjusted it they were. I told my hostess a story, which I
to a subject as surely as if she had been a repeated later in a lecture before those who
trained operator, came to "The Upper Room", and she commented on
Possibly in times past she has been . possi- the fact that I had told it word for word each
bly her insight showed her how it should be time, so I learned something about myself:
done. In any event, she had the "touch" that I When I am speaking extemporaneously, acting as
have encountered in few who sought to know the a channel for spirit, and find a place where I
Bosserman device, even under Bosserman train- can interpolate a story, I gladly "coast" and
ing. "The House of Love" is located at 214 4th get a slight rest for the "channel" while manAv., S., in St. Petersburg, and many of the ory unfolds the familiar. It's a kind of coffee
great of the world have passed thru its por- break without coffee, in the midst of a speech!
tats. There are three chapels in the two-story Then I get back into the swing of spirit, rebuilding, each one exquisitely appointed, porting to listeners what I hear.

I spoke one night in a room callet( "The upper And always there is demand that I tell of
Room", tho it is on the ground floor, and I Zoe Nickerson, natural heiress of the late Edbelieve every chair was occupied. Many who gar cayce. Twice in recent weeks, I have talked
came to listen were foremost mediums. Many about an hour, giving my regular lecture, only
others were new followers of Subud, regular to discuss Mrs. Nickerson for another hour beparticipants of latihans. Mandllh Love enter- cause people are "seeking", are so much intertained Pak Subuh and many of his associates osted, and always ask about her work . Zoe will
during a recent visit to the United States, herself visit several places in Florida after
seeming to think nothing of providing for 400 the New Year, tho plans as yet have not fully
persons in and in the vicinity of "The House jelled. I hope and trust that her work in Florof Love" . Surely, I thought when I was told ida will be under the management of Mrs. Love.
this, I was less trouble than 400 persons, Personally, I wish to call on A.T. "Al" Aneven if one were "BapakI" derson, self-taught archeologist, in Melbourne,
A place which has been an adjunct of "The who "sits on a billion graves", from some of
House of Love", called "Love's Retreat", Lake- which he has taken the skulls of human giants
mont, Ga., is likely soon to be the mountain dating back 11,000 years in Florida (it probaretreat of the Loves' spiritual projects, in- bly had different names then). I want the
eluding, possibly, becoming the site of the story -- which obviously is another story!
Subud national congress in 1960 . This last has
not yet been decided. "As a man thinketh, so is he". Which is why
It was quite an experience for me to be so many who rail against "sin"are so "sinful" .
called upon to "study" people whose business They have so filled their thinking with "sin"
in life is to "study" people on both sides of- they have become that which they rail against.