Volume 6, Issue 8, page 5

THAT ARE memories? Why are some
events of the so-called "past"
readily available to us in lurid
details, and others seemingly are
completely erased? Why do we forget?
When you remember, what do you
actually do? The average individual tries to get an image -- usually in his head; tries very hard
to recall a scene or something that was
said. This has limited success. The correct way to remember is to be aware at
the scene you wish to recall, and allow
the image or message to flash back to the
body. Memory is putting your attention at
a location where something occurred,
whether it is in this lifetime or any
other. Placing your attention at a location is the acknowledgment of the presence of your awareness. Memory is generally claimed to be a mystery because it
is done automatically without awareness
of what is actually occurring.

Most everyone knows about the Universal Mind, or has heard the idea of Universal consciousness. We call it "Totality", or the total presence of your real
self. We are certain that each individual
is a direct manifestation of the Total
Presence, and has the ability to remember
because he is actually present everywhere.

The "Totality concept" is based on the
mathematical axiom: "Infinity divided by
any finite quantity is still infinity, or
totality". Even tho the Total Being, or
You as Totality, is divided into many
spirits and bodies and other manifestations, each individual personality is
still Totality, just as each drop of
water in the ocean is still the ocean.

The part of each individual that is
conscious has the ability to acknowledge
his presence at any given location, and
thus remember. This is the actual superconscious mechanics of memory -- and when
the individual discovers he can do it
consciously, his memory picks up markedly
in this lifetime.

It is merciful that we do not remember
past lives until we are able, under correct supervision, to release the heavy
shock patterns they contain. Because he
is Totality, each individual has t h e
ability to put his awareness at any spot
on the planet in any lifetime. Everything
that has ever occurred has a definite location that can be recalled with the
proper application of awareness . However ,
research has disclosed that activating
past lives into memory can be painful because of the death, destruction, and heavy
emotions sometimes revealed.

It is fairly common knowledge that the
body is the recorded total of past evolutionary experiences -- you might say this
accounts for the differences in people.
Similar patterns of perception, such as
see, hear, smell, feel, taste, exist in
all lifetimes. Therefore, when you activate an old past memory, there is an automatic restimulation on the present body.

Many have questioned past lives because they cannot readily see pictures of
them. However, you cannot see a light
particle, an atom, or a cell with the
naked eye. Neither can you see the pictures transmitted thru space from a television station, because they are above
the normal visual frequencies. Your receiving set contains resistors, condensers, and elements that lower the frequencies to the sight level. Similarly, the
human organism contains resistances of
past life pictures into characteristics
of personality in the body you wear today. When you know about past lives, and
how they are affecting your present existence, you are on the way to freeing
yourself from their control so that you
can create a better future.

It is not our aim to validate past
lives as such. However, in assisting the
individual to become aware of his highest
spiritual self, past lives always make an
appearance because of emotional charges
related to this life. When they do, they
must be understood and released. lb understand them , you must remember them -- and
as we pointed out earlier, to remember,
you must "be there" where and when they

It was Emerson who said , "Science will
never know its debt to imagination". Imagination lifts us up above our doubts
and fears, to where we can expand our
awareness and discover that we are a
state of being, whole and complete. When
this occurs, we begin to develop our intuition , or the Sixth sense , as some call
it. We suddenly discover that the very
serious problems of this or any other
lifetime are very small, and our daily
living becomes a wonderful adventure.

The ultimate in feats of memory is to
remember that you are totality! There can
be no more, there should be no less.