Volume 6, Issue 8, page 4

purposes must be instilled into children's
minds in their plastic years. Improper examples
are placed before children and eagerly accepted by them , because they look to parents as
the ultimate example. A child without a definite purpose in life is easy prey for those
with a definite purpose of evil . Homes are
wrecked by cross-purposes of parents.

It is time we do some positive thinking,
avoiding all forces of negation. If we have no
definite purposes of our own , how can God help
us in our purposes? There are no "maybes" or
'perhaps" with Divine Intelligence. If we attune to Divine mind, we move progressively toward our goal. But most of us are mentally and
spiritually lazy. We expect God to move us
about according to His Will -- instead of doing
our own moving with His help. Negative thinkers find it easy to follow leaders who do
their thinking for them , like sheep , not considering the ultimate cost of such thinking.
Be fearless. Be individual. Learn to think
constructively, to feel earnestly, to see
clearly, to know positively, and to do and
act understandingly. These are the purposes
for which we were born into this life.

Do not forget there are other lives, other
struggles, other lessons we have to learn, but
our present struggle is the important one. It
is not what we believe, not what we desire --
but what we actually do . Not what we have done
in the past, or what we plan to do in the future -- the only time we have is now.

It is our failure to adhere to our purposes
that caused reincarnation to become a fact. If
we flunked our past lessons, or played hookey
from Life's demands, we have bound ourselves
to the "Wheel of Life', which means repeated
reincarnations until we do accomplish our true

Karma is the result of our failure to make
and adhere to our purposes, which agree with
the Eternal purposes . We cannot break a Divine
Law. We break ourselves by disobeying them. God
is not a cruel judge who metes out punishment.,
we do it all ourselves.

Man sets up creeds , doctrines , rituals , and
so on, which bind him to conventions. The
church imposes its creeds and doctrines, the
class its castes, the profession its etiquet
or ethics, the moralist imposes fear, the libertine imposes his folly. We assume purposes
not our own, so our own force deserts us. This
in turn opens the door ever wider for the
forces of destruction to enter and manipulate
our lives. Strength lies in purposes, not in

We have learned the value of free bodies
but are terrified over the powerful forces
which can be released thru the mind and spirit. These forces are the Eternal Purposes in
action, hence motivating alI other forces. if
we get command of our mental and spiritual
forces, we have gained the Eternal Purpose. We
will have all the millions of those who have
passed to higher planes adding their forces to
our force for the Eternal Purpose. Remember,
there are those on other planes who are not
progressing, and they are a part of the forces
of darkness. They, too, are a part of the
eternal struggle.

Saints. Masters. Guardian Angels , and all
others must work for the Eternal Purposes, no
matter where they be. There is no end to Eternal Progress. Eternity is beyond finite minds
to comprehend. This earth life is the lowest
grade of human intelligence, and most of us are
even in the lower grades here. Higher civilizations have been on earth before us, and they
OST OF US are taught in our youth to regard the Bible as a sacred book -- that is,
a book containing an authoritative revelation from God on the history, duty, and
destination of man. We are taught to accept peculiar and unreasonable stories in
the Bible as true -- because they are in the

We grow up , taking for granted that Moses,
Aaron, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were real
persons; that the history of the Jews is
faithfully reported in the Old Testament; that
the prophets wrote the books attributed to
them; that Jesus the Christ was born at Bethlehem on the first Christmas Day more than
1950 years ago, and crucified on the first
Good Friday about 33 years later; that thE
Apostles and Evangelists wrote the books which
bear their names; and that such is the reason
why there is a Bible and a Christian Church
today .

The advance of natural science -- and especially of cosmogony, geology, anthropology, and
biology -- finally exploded any authority attached to the Bible on the subjects of the
origin of the Earth and the creation of man.

These subjects are scientifically discussed
ly Prof. Hilton Hotema in his great work,
Cosmic Creation", in which it is shown that
our universe was evolved from a cloud of incandescent gas of enormous proportions, such
as giant telescopes show are scattered by the
thousands thruout endless space , and , according to science, the Earth was at first a ball
of hot substance when it formed in and from
that cloud of gas, and it required 30,000,000
years for it to cool to its present temperature.

In cosmogony, geology, anthropology, biology, and other natural sciences, researchers
have discovered and classified a vast mass of
facts, none of which supports any existing religion, but all of which must be the basis of
vanished centuries ago. We must realize the
universe is our home, rather than our immediate
environment. We traverse many planes, places,
and conditions. We go thru many changes even
in our brief sojourn of one earth-life. How
much more is it true when we understand the
meaning of Eternity !
The bibles of all ages are filled with evidence of spiritual help and guidance from
`Above", yet we still doubt, and wonder, "Can
it be true?" What we cannot see and feel materially, we doubt. The realities of life are
invisible to all who have not the spiritual
sight. The very fact we doubt is the result of
race ignorance thru eons of time. We must
break away fromthose shackles, open our minds
and souls to the influx of God's abundant
blessings, which are ours just for the believing! We must turn our faith loose, take
positive action, and start LIVING for Eternity.

What greater purpose can we have?