Volume 6, Issue 7, page 17

glory; you make up the blessed
trinity of the September issue.
May one sit on the right hand,
one on the left, and one adorn
the happy footstool of the
gods." -- John Dobbs, S. Burroby, B. C.
writing on this matter. Not
only should readers of ABERREE
take a little interest in
these works of the Professor,
but should try to spread the
message to others who may never perhaps hear of them , tho
they, like myself , may not be
100 percent in agreement with
all he writes. But ideas beget
ideas, and that is the realm
we all live in.
"I liked your editorial
about the trains also. After
45 years switching engines, I
find myself back on the old
'99', which leads me up to the
point where I must hand out
the bouquet to 'Infinite 20'.
Your readers should take this
message to heart, and re-read
it several times to make sure
they have it clear in their
minds what the 'Infinite one'
is driving at, because he is
giving the lowdown of 90 percent of the world's troubles,
all wrapped up in a couple of
pages. Truly, I can say it with
whoever did say it Ye are men
of my own 'art, or heart, or
"May the perfume of the
roses enrich your lives and
help to take away the stench
of the fishes, if you know
what I mean. Yet I cannot pass
by unnoticed, unrecognized, or
unadorned, Niram A. Cromwell .
To you, friend, a crown of
"Thanks to theg ABERREE Library for lending me 'Dianetics, M.S. of M.H.'.
"In a somewhat late comment
would say it may not be correct, word for word, but the
author deserves much credit
for opening a vast new field,
or at least advancing an old
"Why can't the reactive
mind and/or engram bank be the
Creative Principle ? I t built
up the body from scratch -- so
may know something about it.
"Whether a mop-up job on
evolution or great future advances in store, it probably
has not said, 'O.K., you're on
your own'. T he fact of pm