Volume 6, Issue 7, page 4

scale. The forms of the molecules, as iron
molecules, would exist only in your mind. One
scale further and we are at the atomic level.
Here we are down to basics. Let us focus in
imagination on a single atom of iron. Science
tells us that here also a force-field is holding electrons in orbit around a nuclear mass.
Disrupt this field as in atomic fission and
electrons escape, leaving behind an atom which
is no longer iron. From this it can be seen
that the "iron-ness" of the atom is wholly
dependent on the number and relationship of
its constituent atomic particles. If you were
small enough to view a single atom, your mind
would witness simultaneously the numerical and
spatial relationships of these particles, and
your memory would produce the identifying tens
'iron". Therefore, this atomic form, as an
atoms of iron, would exist only in your mind.

We are now but two steps removed from reality. Shall we take those steps?
What is an electron? It is not matter but
an electrical charge, say the physicists. In
other words it is energy, force. The same has
been found true of every other atomic particle
yet isolated. Matter exists only when several
energy-charges or forces are held in a mutual
relationship. And what does the holding? A
"force-field" does the holding. Consequently,
we have energy acting on energy -- force acting
on force -- and when this happens on a sufficiently large scale, we perceive it and call
it matter, assigning names to the forms it
takes. Obviously, nothing really exists in the
physical universe except electrical charges
and force-fields.

What can be said of a force-field, avoiding
scientific terminology? One can say three
things: It is invisible at any scale, it is
real (without it no form could exist), and it
occupies space-time. Evidently we are now confronting reality as it manifests on our plane
of perception and we can describe it only by
saying it is an invisible field of force which
holds energy units in temporary formal relationships. Does the search end here?
No. There is a deeper insight. It is a matter for individual experiencing, but perhaps
the following may help lead to it.

Is universal space-time an endless extension of blank nothingness in which numberless
force-fields move and relate, some large, some
minute? Or is it more logical to avoid assigning extension to blank nothingness and to say
instead that the entire universe is co-extensive and identical with one single, limitless
force-field which varies from one location to
the next and from one instance to the next? I
have chosen the latter alternative, realizing
that it is only an hypothesis to physical science due to the present impossibility of measuring what we call "space" in any way other
than by measuring the distances between objects or specific force-fields within it. No
logic, no factor other than this inability to
measure pure space, prevents this hypothesis,
however. And to choose it leads directly to
the key concept -- that the universal f orcefield is identical with space-time itself.

If you can see your way clear to this acceptance, you will then see that wherever we
look, wherever our eyes perceive either something or nothing, there exists the underlying
reality of space-time -- the force-field which
is the real basis of all form. Only one giant
force is moving, slower here, faster there, to
make the differences we observe and classify.
Electrons and other energy units, existing as
they do in space-time, are then merely varia"PREPARATION FOR LIVING

HEN Benjamin Franklin's brother passed
on, a friend who deeply mourned the
death wrote Franklin of his sorrow
and sense of loss. Franklin replied:
1 "This is rather an embryo state,
fla preparation for living. A man is
not completely born until he is dead.

Why then should we grieve that a new
child is born among the immortals, a new
member added to their happy society? We
are spirits. 7 That bodies should be lent
us while they can afford us pleasure,
assist us in acquiring knowledge, or in
doing good for our fellow creatures, is a
kind of benevolent act of God.