Volume 6, Issue 5, page 19

and to grow has vast rewards
the common man will never comprehend, both personally and
socially. But for many, ignorance is bliss." -- Richard A.
Lundberg, San Jose, Calif.
"Being a novice, some of
the things I read (in The AB1 are all Greek to me. I
know what Dianetics and Scientology are, and had already
heard of E -Therapy , but Red
Hands, Subud, and N-Stress are
new ones to me...
"Sometime in 1952, I attended a few meetings of a Dianetic group (before it disbanded) and at one of those
meetings I really accomplished
something. In just a couple
hours. of being audited, I was
rid for keeps of moods of depression that had plagued me
for years. Many times since
that experience I have wished
I could have more of the same,
but the cost of professional
auditing is too rich for my
blood, not to mention my pocketbook. Maybe something like
N - Stress or Subud would be
more in my line." -- Albert T.
James, Arlington, Va.
"I have tried to photograph
the_ aura by using a lens impregnated with Pinacyanole and
another with Dicyanine. These
are the two chemicals used in
the aura screen. The exposures
I used were 5 and 10 minutes,
but nothing registered on the
film. The room was of course
completely dark. Perhaps with
some 'black light', not infra
red, I may get results. Some
day I will try it, when the
exchequer is full .
"After four months of writing to different copper mines
in the U. S., I finally located one whose manager is willing to sell me all the virgin
azurite I want at about half
of what I've been paying. As a
result, I now can sell the
'indicator' at half price, and
still make the same amount of
profit, which is used for the
society (Florida Society for
Psychical Research) anyway."