Volume 6, Issue 5, page 7

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From Compulsion
To lle1p" Others

EAR , H. A. S. I. :
Thank you for your letter of April 28. You
asked whether I have some plans to get
auditor training... First, I'll tell you
the gist of what I've already gotten out
of Dianetics and Scientology. Then I
should be able to answer you in fewer words.
"On the information and hope presented in
Book I, I dove right in, with co-auditor, extra
processing from other auditors, and extra auditing on my own with ore-clears asking for
help and information. I didn't have any training other than Book I and word-of-mouth and
correspondence communication.
"All of the claims were seemingly proved
true by my experience, and some proved before
word ever got to me. I gained in some areas of
insight, my confidence was greatly strengthened, and I could see changes that indicated
my progress toward 'clear'. I could even see
the subtle reflections that 'everybody else is
easier to get along with'.
"Gradually, some areas of living became
more troublesome. I felt 'held back' by some
relationships. I began to think of people as
'low-toned' or 'aberrated'. I was sure that
this knowledge which had been proved to me was
something everyone needed, whether they knew
it or not. I found a greater percentage of my
interest directed toward Scientology, processing, and to the people interested in it.
"And I did something about it. I went out
on my own, leaving my responsibilities behind,
seeking others of a like mind. And I found
them. I was in touch with little known and
well known people in the field, and for awhile
I was in an exciting whirl of agreement on the
fantastic possibilities.
"Finally, it dawned on me that I was losing
some very important meanings in my life. I
realized that every auditor (sorry, I do mean
every one