Volume 6, Issue 5, page 6

commonly done now under less extreme circumstances. Many are alive today who had
previously been pronounced dead, but were
restored to life by people who did not
accept the verdict of death.

Because to the uninitiate, metaphysics
appears insubstantial, nebulous, and chimerical, medicine has to an extent been
able to maintain its domination of the
public mind with substantial appearing
chemical dosage. And when that hit-or-miss
method of practice fails, the contemporary partner in crime, the surgeon, can be
called upon to extirpate or chop off the
offending organ or member.

Since the higher lights in medical
clinics and laboratories have, in their
search for facts rather than more money,
discovered the relationship between mind
and body, the psychotherapies have emerged
into the full light of understanding as
the science of mental cause and physical
effect. By this science, diagnosis ceases
to be guesswork and hit-or-miss prescription. Detection of the mental cause of a
physical ailment writes the prescription
for both prevention and cure by the patient himself.

Thanks to 20th Century science, it is
known from conception to dissolution how
the soul of man constructs his body, maintains and operates it, and how in ignorant
perversity man destroys his only means of
expressing life. And also how by taking
care for the life power of him, his mind,
he can, by watching his thinking, preserve its efficiency and powers, and prolong his life indefinitely. This possiBy these truths, discovered by selfless men, Heaven and Hell are refuted as
theological lies, and so-called ethical
medical practice recognized as w i t c hdoctory, dosing the physical symptoms to
cure the mental strains and disturbances.
That this is voodooistic nonsense is attested by the fatality of the physical
concept of life, and the great extensions
of life achieved by those who have cured
their fatal diseases by changing their

Beyond doubt, there was a period of
man's habitation of earth in which he was
a real child of Nature, but, as always
happens in human societies, some individual broke the pattern of. child-like harmlessness and common decency and set the
whole race on its tragic and horrible
journey from blissful ignorance to intellectual virtue. In the one, the natural
and inherent character was lost to problems of keeping the physical body safe
and alive. In the second and final phase,
man will seek escape from domination and
destruction by that body. And he can only
find it by development of his basic and
essential element, his mind, his intelligence, integrated in him by warrant of
"made in the image and likeness"; the
constitution man never escapes from, and
eventually must live up to.

Today, there is sufficient proof of
how, in our unscientific ignorance, we
have been sold a false and fraudulent bill
of goods; how as "physical creatures"
we were born to die, and how and why to
perpetuate their gigantic structure of
rigmarole, ritualism, and ceremony, the
theologies ignore and bedamn the heresy
of science and progressive thinking. In
this attitude, they endeavor to subjugate
mankind to all the futilities and horrors
of physical life, but the truth is out.
Mankind has the formula for freedom, even
tho presently too mesmerized by custom
and religious suppression to escape the
physical concept of life alive.

However, in conclusion, here is the
slap in the face that materialism, so long
as it may endure, will never forgive. I
tell you: The body never dies because it
never lives. The Cosmic Power, Intelligence, is Life. The body only seems sensate because the mind is conscious of it.
also would be appropriate. I attached the
small pith section to a hair, using a
drop of candle grease for adhesive, and
hung this hair to another hair stretched
between two small sticks. If I held my
right hand fairly close, the pith ball
would be attracted by my fingertips; but
my left hand proved ineffective. My wife,
who is left-handed, held her right hand
close to the pith section, and it actually moved away from her. However, when
she tried her left hand, the pith section
was attracted.

We have conducted these experiments so
often and with so many variations that we
have no doubt at all of what we saw happen. But what is this electro-magnetic
force? How much can it be controlled? And
how harnessed? We don't know yet. Does
It appears that a person has a positive and a negative side to his body, exemplified in his hands. Of course, this
is only my theory. Mrs. Roessling seems
to possess more psychic, or electro-magnetic force, if you will, than I. She can
make a planchette move and write, whereas, up to now, I have been unable to do

I am certain that everyone can duplicate these experiments with the paper,
foil, and pith balls -- and have bits of
these whirling all over the place (slowly, of course). But they will have at
least tapped that mysterious "something"
which has been given the grandiose and
profound term, "telekinesis". Who knows,
from work with "slivers", some of you may
work up to moving mountains.
The churches, by their own admission,
are "for sinners only". Which leaves the
rest of us free to demonstrate, by our
actions and thinking, what it's like to
live without wallowing in ordained mire.