Volume 6, Issue 5, page 5

"As a Man Thinketh, So I s He" -- and How Much of What You Think (Are)
I s Dictated by the Fine and Perfected Art of "Brain Washing"?
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could we live in this dangerous world!
The brain washers seem to be conspiring
to put Nature out of business.

Just as we Americans have been brain
washed into the belief Capitalism is the
only legitimate and possible way for civilized people to live, we have been conditioned to accept the nonsensical theory
Nature knows nothing about life or its
processes, so must be watched to detect
its mistakes, be supported and corrected
in its omissions and overactions. By vitamins, hormones, trace minerals, petroleum oil, cholosterol-free diets, and
thousands of other man-conceived nonsenses, we pay billions of dollars into
the brain washers' coffers, and, all who
believe and obey, end up the same way --
DEAD! -- because we tried to beat Nature at
its own game. If disease doesn't kill us,
confusion must.

E TERM, "brain wash", is so modern it is defined only in the
latest dictionaries. But the art
of force-feeding the minds of
the victims with lies until by
sheer weight of endless and-Undeviating
reiteration they are accepted as inevitable and inexorable truth, isn't new -- only
improved. So powerful has this psychological technique become that entire nations
of otherwise fairly intelligent people
are mouse-trapped into obedience to sinister ideas that enslave them to the master minds who accomplish by subtlety that
which cannot be done by sheer force.

For instance, if the President of the
U.S.A. issued a directive for every family to eat Neuro Toasties every morning
for breakfast, not even an armed soldier
in every American kitchen could enforce
the command. But constant repetition over
the air, in the daily press, and periodicals -- "Eat Neuro Toasties for more nutrition, for a tasty change, for increased
digestibility, bowel action necessity, or
bigger and healthier children"