Volume 6, Issue 2, page 12

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this or that mental state. "Cover: I dig the demon on seems to come back for another
"On the subject of 'heal- Vol. 1, the rodent on Vol. 3 -- good kick is this GOOD and
ing', it is true that Christ but what prithee is that pale EVIL pigskin. Some have tried
healed many times. But he did and eldritch Thing on Vol. 51 A to get in between these two ,
so to convey a message. There Bohr atom with 6 electrons, and sitting on a neutral fence ,
was a message in everything he me without a physics text in s ay ing neither exists, but
did. However, modern man wants the house . . . AUDITORIAL -- All looking at the effect of proto be 'healed' because he re- right! So I stop arguing with jected energy, I would say the
fuses any responsibility which you anent religion and similar record is conclusive that bemight be his own. He wants to spiritual behavior. My ideology lief is a block, a wall of ofstay ignorant and yet stay is different from yours only in fense , a 'falling short' , a
well. It is his desire to have terminology and a trifling par- 'missing of the mark', a black
perfect health and a mind which allax of emphasis. Actually, all static state of evil or no
is a perfect blank. So he seeks that stands between me and Ag- movement. The state of consomeone who can make him well nosticism and semantic damns- sciousness that believes has so
without affecting his own in- tion now is an insignificant little energy that nothing but
telligence (faith\ in any way part-time job (at a church) and an illusionary picture can be
whatsoever. And where there is the fact one of the parishioners projected upon the imagined
demand, there is always sup- owns this typewriter, which screen. Therefore, the way to
ply. So we have 'faith-heal- (typewriter) is indispensable prevent a God action of reality
ers'. Ignorant men of the emo- to me. 'If Shoe Fits' -- That's to express in yourself would
tions who have no knowledge of what I say about devout church- be to 'Believe in the name of
the Truth (God) but who do goers, etc. It's good therapy God', or accept such tripe as
very well on a material, sub- for them, and that's exactly 'Thy belief will make y o u
conscious level. These 'heal- what, and all, it is... free'. We have watched the paers' do everything out of their "JOHN , ORGANIZER -- Now, we're Bans chase this phantom for
lower mind and unconsciously making it. If this cat shows up nearly 2000 years, building
'pound' their patients on the here, I've about 44 dozen people high-steepled temples all over
head and cater to the emotions I want him to meet. And about the earth, and it is certainly
(which do not think). Wouldn't A dozen people I don't want to obvious they will be no nearer
it be a nice world if everyone meet him... catching it after 20,000 years
could stay physically well and "THE SWINDLE -- I'm trying to of fanatical gymnastics.
yet remain as stupid as they agree with Kristy, but he makes " 'Thy knowledge will make
are? it hard. First he posits the you free' is the direct oppo"Oh, yes, before I forget. existence of ancient scrolls, site. Very few care for this
I enjoyed Phil Friedman's ar- next he argues from the scrolls, procedure for it entails the
titles of late. But I harbor finally he asserts the scrolls work of getting the knowledge
the idea that Friedman's sym- do not exist. By what means did and applying it. So we see the
bola are far ahead of Friedman he read these non-existent doc- sluggards, by the thousands,
himself. And I sincerely hope uments ? Why should I trust a sitting and believing, praying
he catches up to his symbols live Rev. Kristy any more than in sanctimonious gravity,
as soon as possible. No of- a dead St. Augustine? And why whereas on that 'narrow path
fense, naturally." -- Ludwig G. not " Yythianity " ? Why single a comparatively few trudge
Rosecrans, Mesa, Ariz. out the Catholics when the Pro- along, gaining at every step ,
4 4 4 testants make the same mistake? new perception and enlighten" Last week marked my corn- A BOOK AUDITOR -- This points up ment of some kind. The broad
pletion of one year in Subud. my point. It's not that the highway is crowded with a catIt has been a most momentous therapy is bad, it's that the tle-like h e r d, pushing and
year. Some of the large growth students are consistently too shoving, bickering and arguing
(nearly all in the SE area of stupid and cowardly to use it over the different ways to
America) is due to the various right. That's what I said, was- 'believe' We see con gregacommments appearing in The AB- n't it? Your VI VERSE -- Neat job, tions divide, the disgruntled
ERREE. Several dozen people and I can appreciate it. I'm in faction going out and building
have written me from all over the poetry business, myself. a church of their own, damning
the world after reading my (El). NOTE -- Purfled prose isn't their opposers to hell.
letters in The ABERREE. I would poetry -- not even ours.)... HART "If there ever was a house
like very much to thank you TO HEART -- No, don't quit. It 'divided against itself', it
for forwarding the various gives the magazine a subjective is this house of 'belief'. But
letters to me that people have and personal touch that helps the travelers on the narrow
sent. In one of your letters, the balance. You might use Aud- path are different, with knowlyou defined Subud as an open- itorials for general topics, and edge gained, even tho differing up of the reactive mind to the H to H for evaluated news- ent, being sensibly compared
pour out its contents. This coverage. You know, comments- and valued, with a fusing tois certainly a good functional tion." -- Fred Hand, Houston, Tex. gether, resulting with each
description." -- Tic Torrey, 4 4 4 phase of truth dropping into
Oakland, Cali