Volume 6, Issue 2, page 10

1 Last month, we threatened
to abandon this column because
the varied fields of our subscribers -- Spiritualists, Synergeticists , Concept Therapists, E-Therapists, Doctors
of Medicine, Teeth, Mind, Toenails, and Spines, and even
quite a few brave Scientologists who stayed with us during the siege of threatened
excommunication -- makes it less
personal (we're still talking
about this column , as you'll
discover if you try to diagram
this rambling sentence) than
it was in our pre-Infinite
days. But we got a barrage of
protests (if 17 can be called
a "barrage" ) from readers who
say it is their only contact
with old friends. And oddly --
or is it? -- not a one of that
17 sent in a single news item
about themselves or a friend
others might enjoy reading.
What do they think we are --
psychic? ...
1 0 n e thing we can do in
this column is prate endlessly
on how wonderful we think The
ABERREE is. That's always good
for a few inches of copy. However, this month, we'll confine our self-congratulatory
remarks to a report from 'Idaj.,2", of Morristown, Ariz., who
says he got more than 300 answers to the "Commercial" he
ran in two issues. Which amazed
even us, altho we have had but
one subscriber who ever paid
us double because they got no
results... 1 Anyhow, now that
we've discovered our readers
have so many questions and
Louis has so many answers, we
are about to merge these talents and start a column in The
ABERREE , which may be called
"Eyes in the Desert", or some
such title equally non sequitur. We thought of this only
because o u r friend Arthur
RurkM (of whom more later) of
Florence volunteered a column,
"Red Hands in the Desert", and
we thought the "hands" and
"eyes" would make a good team.
Especially, if we could add
"Nothing for Dessert" from
Zeno Friedman -- if you don't
object to the obtrusive "s".
1 But alas, Burks tells us
he's heading back to Paradise,
Penn., come May, which is the
trip he'd planned for February, until he got so involved
with his bapping machine that
his schedule went a bit awry.
Or something. Maybe the delay
was necessitated by the book he
tells us he's writing -- a book
on Arizona. Which could be
good. There's a lot about Arizona that needn't make dry
reading, just because most of
it's desert... 1 And speaking
of traveling, by the time this
is in print, Mr., Mrs., and "4"
penniq Smith should be on