Volume 6, Issue 2, page 8

Ron Hubbard, in his regular Monday night
lecture, stated that there would be no
more co-auditing in class, and that no
one could audit until he had had his Service Facsimile run out -- the Service Facsimile being the time, back on the Time
Track, when you had committed the first
overt act against any of the dynamics
that had proved non-survival for self.

The next day, we all expected to learn
more of this Service Facsimile business,
but there was no more to be learned. No
one had yet had their Service Facsimile
run out. Not even the Foundation auditors.
Therefore, no one could audit. The students weren't the only ones confused And
shook-up. The whole building reeked of
it. And thus it stayed for more than a
week -- culminated by the loss of our instructor, who left for Minneapolis to
worship at the shrine of the first
"clear" claimant -- Ron Howes .

Six weeks of "running" "the weeper" ( a
clam-stage incident),"the mitosis" (split
of the original cell), Effort Processing,
in a hunt for past lives and overt acts.
A lobby filled with clusters of students
depicting gruesome pasts -- each trying to
outdo the others with tales of murder and
torture. The one E-Meter -- a huge projection model -- was the most popular item in
the Foundation. If the E-Meter said you
once killed your wife by flaying her and
rubbing salt in the wounds, you did. And
no one disputed it. If the E-Meter didn't
say so, you were bragging.

I finished my "course" -- and left with
all I had come with, including my high
blood pressure. Less the $500.

From my further experience with classes in Dianetics here and there -- both on
the "selling" end and the "taking" end -- I
consider this a typical example of what
happened to those who went into Dianetics
beyond Book One. Which puts the trained
auditor in a different category than the
book auditor. The book auditor has his
lesson in never-changing black and white.
The class-trained auditor doesn't.

Statements by a book auditor that Hubbard said to do it this way or that way --
and a condemnation of- the school-trained
auditor who does otherwise -- are unfair to
the school-trained auditor. The book auditor is working under one set of rules.
The school-trained auditor is working
under another set, stated just as positively, by the same "authority". If there
is error, it was in the auditor not being
satisfied to keep auditing under the limitations imposed by "The Book".

I refer, specifically, to the running
of "past lives", "Facsimile One", and the
"Service Fac" as being contrary to the
instruction to always use the lightest
technique possible. The running of these
heavier incidents is not and was not entirely due to capriciousness on the part
of the student auditor; he was following
his "lessons" just as honestly and a lot
more expensively than the book auditor.
The difference: Different lessons given
at a different time, by the same tutor.
Dianetics/Scientology never has been , and
probably never will be, a static. thing ,
using the word "static" by its definition
"not changing". Most of the arguments and
confusions in following Hubbard can be
traced to the dates on the graduates'
certificates: What was standard operating
procedure in 1952 was not S.O.P. in 1953 ,
or 1954; even the first half of 1954, or
of any year, differs somewhat from S.O.P .
for the last half of 1954, or of any year.
An auditor runs birth, engrams, "Facsimile One", "Effort", "Turn it red" (creative processing), or "Dirty 30" (endless
parading between two selected spots) as
he was taught.

This, probably, is because not enough
students absorb as much theory as they do
techniques. If they acquire theory, they
can go off and develop their own processes, but if they do, they immediately are
labeled "squirrels" by those who think
they should spend half their time in classes, learning(at great expense) one set
of rules, and techniques, after another.

Hubbard once said, in one of his lectures: "Some day, you'll have to run Hubbard out of your bank" -- and this is probably as true a statement as he ever made.
Until this is done, he will be a"god" to
those to whom he is an "ally", and a
" devil " to those too shallow to separate
the scientist from the egotist.

If anyone concludes from the above
that I became bitter or disillusioned by
my experierce at the "school" , it isn't
so. Had I not had faith in Diabetics, I
certainly would not have given up a" career" in Government service for the insecurity of a job on Hubbard's staff. But
I, too -- despite my" training " -- still was
a victim of the "Book One" engrain. And I
had to "run it out" in two more courses --
each of which bore little resemblance to
basic Dianetics, or, even; each other.

And now, back to you, Bob. We'll see
you next month. We hope.
not, coffee out with enough knowledge to hold a
job. But the story doesn't end with the closing
of the door. Two weeks later, this same boy
was picked up by police with a gang