Volume 6, Issue 1, page 2

37e APRIL, 1959 * * Vol. VI, No. 1
LOOK WITHIN; There is litTHERE ALONE tle doubt that
IS GOD FOUND Jesus , in H i s
teaching, had no
intention of guiding Man' s
search for Truth toward the
mountain top, or above the
clouds into a pearly paradise
called "Heaven" This garbled
"gingerbread" has been added
thruout the centuries by addlebrained charlatans who
haven't the slightest conception of what they're talking

And because they shout with
the "voice of authority",
their droolings too often have
been accepted as "documented
facts", even tho the "document" they use,a Book labeled
"Holy Bible'', is available to
all who dare read and discover
for themselves whether or not
God's in His Heaven, awaiting
only the Day of Judgment when
He can wreak vengeance for
Eve's having tasted of the
forbidden fruit. Isn't ita bit