Volume 5, Issue 9, page 12

data has come in, and my ship comes in, I
want to shift to color printing to see if
I can get the colors of the aura. (My
There are innumerable details that
could be added, but space does not permit.
Let me add just one : In making prints
against the body, the hairs turn out
black, so if something like the ridges
squeezing away the developer to leave
white lines is your solution, why don't
hairs do the same thing?
anetics and Scientology since 1950, it is
amusing to occasionally look back to see
where we were then and compare it with
where we are now. I wouldn't go back to
what I was for many times what it has
cost me to get where I am.

Scientology is growing in our area.
Not in big splashy crowds, but in small,
sincere groups and couples, each reaching
out and helping someone else. Finding the
thing we can do, can be sure of, and can
have (meaning touch, move, or control) --
these are the things that will carry us
forward. -- Ellen M. Carder, R.N., D.Scn.
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crafty disguise nas carried them so far beyond
us in knowledge and skill that we have been
orthodox process may cause sleepless
nights to only a very few who know their
chemistry. I'm interested in the results
anyone gets in order to collate the data
in terms of my own theory of the emanation
_of body magnetism. Included in the information I'd like to receive is whether or
not the experimenter gets sparks from his
fingers. I used to get them regularly,
until I fell down a hole in a dark, abandoned shore gun emplacement ammunition
magazine underground chamber and sprained
my back. After months, I am now feeling
normal again and the sparks are back. I
can hear someone say, "Shucks! That's
just static electricity from walking over
a deep carpet or sliding in and out of a
car." I agree. The question is, why do
some have it and not others? I was really
surprised to ask the high school boys and
find they never had had sparks; didn't
even know what I was talking about. I had
associated this build-up of static with
vigorous health, but I'm certainly not
as "full of energy" as 15-year-olds.

Let me assume that all readers know
that thousands of persons have been healed
by the "laying on of hands", as Jesus
did. I shall assume, too, that readers
are familiar with the human aura -- the envelope of colors completely surrounding
each individual and varying in colors according to personality, intelligence,
emotional state-at-the-moment, and health. gulled into accepting the disguise for the
Smudges of darkened colors have been used real thing. Well, that is, under the persuasfor diagnosing tumors internally, etc. ion of the priesthood, with the bitter alterMy thesis, then, is that it is this native of burning for doubting.
electrical force of the body, whether the By the dawning light of a better day, we
aura, magnetism or "life-energy ", or "the begin to see that the authors of the ancient
body" which impenetrates our scrolls w e r e master dramatists and clever
poets. The scrolls were first prepared as draphysical body and remains alive after the matic poetry; and the changing of the Bible
physical body is laid aside in death, from poetry to prose was not completed until
that furnishes the "light " for printing the 14th Century. That is additional evidence
hand- and body-prints. I think, but don't to prove what the Bible really is.
know, that in all cases, a careful exam- With soft touches and deft strokes did the
ination of hand-prints will show the ancient sages weave their profound pattern of
ridges of the hands and fingers are not phenomena, e p life, ife, thru u their astral he clever and physical
powers co
narratives of
the black lines on the print and looking gods, men, mermaids, harpies, satyrs, centaurs,
like the ridges, but that these are the sphinxes, serpents, stags, dragons, boars,
white areas, while the troughs between bulls, of labyrinths, mountains, seas, rivers,
the ridges, where the developer is not whirlwinds, clouds of fire and falling stars,
squashed away, prints the ridges. But do that not the most outlandish detail of their
not jump to the conclusion that this ac- fabrications can be ignored without the loss
counts for the ridges. If you have not dat
of some signal link of meaning.
exposed the paper enough to darken the thousand years of in scholars, the the cave of f theological
o oeaamargin, the heat of the hand cannot ac- darkness, have perennially scoffed the suggescount for ridges, as uniform heat of the tion that the ancient myths might be fanciful
hand would make merely a black outline of portrayals of esoteric facts. And these scholthe hand and fingers with no ridges. I ars of darkness have charged the Chaldeans,
One evening, when coming home from Egyptians, and Greeks -- the most enlightened
gym, tired, a friend and I tried making mentality ron immature ehildwith possessing the
more hand-prints and drew blanks. We were We have accused them of taking their threeout of energy, but still had normal heat headed dogs, fire-breathing dragons, beasts
in our hands. At other times, when most with seven heads and ten horns, their grifof a hand prints, maybe one section of a fins, naiads, Cyclops, Circes, and Medusas,
finger, or a whole finger, will remain for definite actualities.
blank white. I have a print of one sec- (Continued in the next issue)
tion of a finger which did not print, but """-" 00C --
did did give a perfect x-ray print of the An "appeal for peace" is a prayer that the
bone of that one section. After enough "other fellow" start seeing things your way.