Volume 5, Issue 8, page 14

Monotheism'*as spiritual. And
consider Jung' s preachments
that the way to integration is
thru the 'land of childhood'.
"To set the record straight,
Hubbard d i d seem to adopt
Freud's methodology. And personally I am very glad that he
did because Hubbard made much
of it clearer and more usable
to me. But I can see no trace
of Jung in Hubbard's work.
However, I would be enormously
interested in such a development. Where does Hubbard introduce any of the structures
Jung introduced -- the Shadow,
the Persona, the Anima-Animus
constellation, the Archetype,
the Mandale, the Collective
Unconscious? Or the four functions, or dream amplification?
"No, whoever else Hubbard
borrowed from, it has not been
Jung. And Scientology, etc.,
has been poorer for the lack.
'Phil Friedman is bandying
about the word 'science' quite
loosely, of late, considering
that science is defined as
`exact, classified knowledge'.
Within this definition there
are exactly 44 sciences. They
are mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, and half
of biology -- the half that is
concerned with bio-physics and
bio-chemistry. All other fields
of knowledge are Art if they
make use of techniques for
accomplishing a result, or
foolosophy if they are concerned with playing with
words." -- Richard Y.Lundberg,
San Jose, Ca