Volume 5, Issue 8, page 13

'Mytholocism' real fast, Fred.
Is this what psychology has
done to you?)
"LETP is -- Apsel -- Krishna's
explanation sounds kind of
thin. He missed the Pope's
death and the pioneer moonshoot
too. Elliott -- I don't consider
a Thetan is opposite me when I
do someone. The body is. The
thetan (if one exists) is the
same place I am -- here. Idella
Stone -- Wow! I still wonder why
Hubbard never used case histories. Of course, this case
involved intercessory prayer,
too, and who knows what worked
when. Fred Hand -- Ah! One of my
favorite contributors. Letter
looked good, tho the word was
SAIORI (Japanese: 'breakthru',
'enlightenment') but 'sartor'
(Latin: 'tailor') is clone enough. I always enjoy Hand's
ideas; they're so much like my
own." -- Fred Hand, Houston,fex.
"Fred Hand's letter in the
November issue prompts an immediate reaction.
"The first line in the last
Paragraph (page 18) indicates
that he believes zoe is a discarnate entity! I wish to state
positively that she is incarnate, is a lovely young woman
and the mother of three healthy
embodied children, none of
whom were precipitated from
the ethers in any manner other
than is usual with physical
p l ane functions. I cannot
speak for Jacob Apsel, b u t
rest assured that Zoe is, indeed, an incarnate entity!" --
George lickerson, lewark, Del.
(ED. NOTE -- All our senses
told us that Jacob, too, is an
incarnate entity -- or he at
least was when he stayed with
us a few days last summer. As
for Zoe, since she "passed
over" us both going and coming
to Arizona, we'll just have to
take your word for it -- but you
should know. 4

"I find that I prefer some
communication to no communication, so tho I don't like a
lot of what's in The ABERREE,
including your editorials, I
prefer it to nothing." -- Bob
Ross, Huntsville. Ala.
"I wish to make a couple of
comments on articles appearing
in the November, 1958, issue
of The ABERREE. The article,
'A Book Auditor Looks Back -- a
Sort of History of Dianetics,'
by Bob Arentz, has been most
admirable as factual and wellbalanced. However, Bob slipped
up at the end of his third article -- in the above issue. He
says, ..Hubbard explored,
first, the material side that
Freud devoted hislife to...and
then Ron turned to the Jungian
field of thought, to seek out
the rest of the riddle. Now he
is bringing the two seemingly
irreconcilable elements (material and spirtual) into
harmony and understanding.'
"with all due respect to
Bob, the issue between Freud
and Jung is not quite that
simple. A careful reading of
several of Freud's works and
several of Jung's and the leading followers of each school
shows that both men were concerned with the material and
the spiritual side of life.
Consider Freud's 'Moses and
materielle of the new-age child will be
of every race, color, and creed. In the
past it was an honor to trace one's ancestry to one great white man. The newage child will trace his lineage to many
men of many colors from far and wide.

Appropriately, the seat of the United
Nations is the United States. America is
the melting pot, both figuratively and
literally. The new Jer- USA-lem is here
now ingathering. The undertow is getting
stronger by the hour. The tide is backing
back in. The keynote of presidential-candidate Wendell Willkie was One World.

Just as the melting pot for all the
colors of the spectrum is white, so also
will the white race be the melting pot
for all the colored ones.

In the beginning God's covenant with
^an was to multiply him over the face of
the Earth. In these end-days the multiplicities are on their way back to a oneman Adamic show. And from thence he will
go back to the zero point of All-Nothing.

The speed with which events are happening today is, in effect, a shortening
or contraction of time. According to Einstein, the greater the speed, the greater
the contraction. Oddly enough, the word
"Einstein" means "One Stone".

The New Age is gathering momentum, and
when it comes, it comes quickly. And the
farther out we go, the stronger is the

The motto of the melting pot is "E
Pluribus Unum " -- Out of Many, One. In God
We Tryst.
-- 040
Zero is a fence around nothing.

Here's something that came to me a few
years ago, and I thought you might like it
to read or print
I an the Light of God that never fails.
I have cone and I cone again and again
But you see se not.

I an the Conic Light, a eighty force,
But alas/ you see se not.

I as in you and you in se,
But you look for a personality.
law, could that be, when I as hers?
I as there, I an everywhere.

I have come again, but you see es not.

I at the Universe, 0/ eighty Universe.
I as the slot, the moon, the stars.

Yet I as in you, you uko ore a sun.

You are the source, yet you look away,
At a cloud, the shy, a star, gazing afar,
You see se not.

I as that I an, I an serene;
I as action, ever-loving, non-frictioning.
I do not try to do; trying is not the way.

I at the Lae, that rolls a perfect game, in
bowling, golf, or the things you do.
I as perfection, and lo/ I'll be there
Because I and perfection are one.

I as the Law of Life.
the Law of Life is in you, too.
the life cells to be awakened by se.
I cone to do so but you stee on.
.)make/ dear one, the time has cone.
tke ship is ready to sail, you've missed it
*any times before this one.

So I have cone again and I speak.

I spoke in Galilee but few understood.
low again I cone, few will understand;
the secret has been revealed to you.

I have overcome the world. I have
COMI OFIR the world. I in you, and you in
se, together we will ever be.
-- Dr. Marcus Fite, Kellogg, Ida.