Volume 5, Issue 8, page 9

The Swindle
of Mytholicism
F A MAN DIE, shall he live again? (Job
14:141. Many able authors have attempted
to answer that question, but their answers are faulty and unsatisfactory because not based on cosmic law.

In spite of its boasting, the Realm of Life
is a puzzle to modern science. One of the
greatest scientists in this century, Dr. R. A.
Milliken, wrote:
"I cannot explain why I am alive rather
than dead. Physiologists can tell me mulch
about the physical and mechanical processes of
my body, but why I am alive. they cannot say."
( COLLIERS . Oct. 24. 19251.

Man can never attain security until he
understands his relationships to the terrestrial and celestial worlds. Wisdom alone bestows sufficiency, but wisdom is empty when it
leads not to a solution of the mystery of Life.

Apollonius, the great Pythagorean philosopher called "Paul " in the Bible, readily disposed of Job's weighty-question in a few words,
using simple terms easily understood.

Paul began by saying, "Behold, I show you a
mystery." Then he explained the great mystery
of Life in terms anyone can comprehend:
"We shall not all sleep (in death), but we
shall alI be changed (from the mortal, terrestrial state to the immortal, celestial state
by the creative process called death). (1 Cor.
15:51.521. The mysterious " change " paul termed
a shedding of the corruptible (terrestrial)
and a donning of incorruption (celestiall, and
"Then shall be brought to pass the saying
that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. 0 death, where is thy sting? 0 grave,
where is thy victory?" -- Is. 25:8; Ps. 89:48;
I Cor. 15:53-55.

Nothing begins and nothing ends. All things,
formations, elements, and entities are eternal,
composed of eternal substance, and move in
cycles, from the invisible to the visible and
back again.

Terrestrial, physical formations of corruptible substance dissolve when the Life Element
leaves them, and their substance disintegrates
and goes back to the original state of invisible gases, or astral radiation, to return in
due course and appear in other terrestrial

When man's physical body disintegrates, its
substance returns to the air as gases, the
source from whence it case.

Part of that substance may return to the
terrestrial plane in the shape of grass or
trees; but the Flame Divine, the Celestial Man,
the Living Ego that dwelt in that body, remains forever the same changeless Entity, and
in due time returns to build itself another
house not made with hands (2 Cor. 5:11 for
another whirl on the terrestrial plane.

The ancient Masters said: "The Ego , ' the
Real Man, is neither born, nor cloth it die.
Unborn, undying, ancient, perpetual and eternal, it bath endured, and will endure forever.

The body may die, be slain, be destroyed completely -- but He that bath occupied it remaineth unharmed." (Bbagavad Gita, p. 271.

The "Mother Church" had to destroy that
ancient literature in order to make its followers believe that:
"God so loved the world, that He gave His
only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in
Him should not perish, but have everlasting
life"(Jn. 3:16).

Could, the Mind remember ancient incarnations, that would be Eternal Knowledge. But it
is better that previous terrestrial trials be
forgotten. The burden of one life on earth is
enough for one to bear.

If the Mind did remember the experience of
former incarnations, it would defy the Ego and
refuse to return to Earth and go thru these
miseries again.

That would be worse than the Battle of Armageddon (Rev. 16:161. It would be "Rebellion
ih Heaven "
(End "The Soul's Secret". Next: "Creation")
have to get a lot of it, or reduce to a minimum the exposure to destroying agents. It's
interesting to note that cities have an atmosphere with a high concentration of air pollution, which would destroy vitamin C, leaving
the body with no stock of this vitamin. If one
were living in a clearer atmosphere, there
would be less of this air pollution, hence
more vitamin C accumulated in the body. As
more vitamin C accumulates, there may be some
available to bring the pineal gland into operation. In this respect it is interesting to
note that residence in high mountains always
has been accepted as favoring the development
or activity of the pineal, as also is said of
living in the desert.

It is worth noting that if-a metaphysician
moved to a remote mountain retreat for development, he would place himself in a better
situation to retain a larger amount of vitamin
C in his body, as he has removed himself from
an environment in which are things which destroy this vitamin. Thus there is more of the
vitamin available to activate the pineal body.
Likewise, the chela moves from a diet of polished rice of the cities back into the mountain retreat where only the high vitamin brown
rice is available; he gets more of the B complex, and his pineal gland develops. Vitamin A
would be much more amply supplied in the diet
of one living in a remote retreat than in food
sold in the market place.

There is thus the possibility that spiritual development depends upon the pineal gland,
which in turn depends somewhat upon nutritional
factors, as well as the work of the will. Perhaps the mountain or desert retreat better
serves to enhance spiritual development because they create conditions favoring better

This then would suggest that perhaps a
metaphysician could progress himself by some
attention to nutritional factors. Again, it's
worthy of note that the student has usually
impoverished himself by giving his wealth to
his mentor in fees, etc. Thus, too impoverished to eat properly, the student exists on a
diet of coffee and sandwiches, while his
teacher, being wealthy, lives on a fare of
steaks, rich in B complex, vitamins A and C.
Such has been the case around every so-called
teacher with whom this writer is familiar.