Volume 5, Issue 7, page 13

"Your editorial 'God Made
Man-But Man Made it a Mystery'
(September issue ) is exceptionally good. You are quite
right when you say, 'Actually,
the story of man's creation
and fall (I don't agree there
was s fall) (®. NOTS -- Neither
do we except in the concepts
SOLD him by sin-sellers) is
probably so simple none of us
can accept it, it would note
us feel too small.'...
•'Theology, Theosophy, Roaicrociemsis, all major (and minor, tool metaphysical schools
thrive on mysteries: They have
taken the naked truth which is
quite simple and complicated
it to such a degree that few
even amongst themselves KNOW.
A doctor's prescription. In
English, would oftentimes expose the value of the items as
15* instead of the S1-50 it
"I have been having a running discussion with the Radiant one regarding his not being able to foretell Lebanon
and now the Quemoy shelling
with their implications. Without hesitation or apology, he
says 'These events were not on
the horison at the time of my
world events appraisal'. In
answer to my 'Are things then
hidden from the Gods?' he replied, 'You know that your
Creator gave men a mind. God's
giving is not like man's giving; there are no strings attached to pull it back if man
uses it negatively. For your
Creator to dictate to ^an bow
to use his mind would be equivalent to having a world of
automatons, a Punch and Judy
show...Now, events are of man's
making and even God, who does
not control man, very often
cannot even foretell what crazy
course man will chart. If this
is too simple or too amazing
an explanation, I cannot help
it. It is true.'...
"Concerning the catastrophic events involving Quemoy,
Formosa, Communist China, and
U. S.A., the threat of World
War III is REAL but not imminent in 1958. This postponement of what will positively
not be delayed further than
1959, will be because of Red
China's hesitation for a showdown with U.S.A. U.S.A. cannot
b a c k down anywhere in t h e
fight to destroy Communism's
threat, real or otherwise. The
economy in U.S.A. is dependent
on greater and greater expansion and allows forNO RETREAT,
even if this retreat is the
only means of saving the world.
'These strong words may get
you into trouble Jacob, and
that is one of the reasons we
have hot come out with BOLD
statements in our previous
"Our President would do
well to steer clear of War III.
His personal stake will be
greater than inability to play
golf. " - -Jacob Apse), militiashoe, pit.
vestigated. A letter to the R.
C.M.P., Ottawa, Ont., would do
it. If all this is confusing,
it may be because I'm a little
startled at the possibility
that LRH may have opened up
his attack on USA psychiatry
from a base in Canada.
"I'm not actually opposed
to such an attack, because
there is undoubtedly a grain
of truth in it, or maybe even
a granary-full of truth." -- A .
E. Yanrogt, 9ollywood, Calif.

"Have looked at, dipped into, and tasted your last issue
with a chuckle here and there.
Your Hubmobile simile required
a double-take, since of course
your subjects are many, and
it's 0, K. by me if you feel
satisfied. At least you are
running the car with its superimposed gadgets.
"Bob Arentz is doing a fine
reportorial job from where I
sit, and he is so right about
too much change; overwhelming;
and poor points of reference.
Ill - chosen, as Mr. Friedman
might point out. The bright
boys who were fast on data but
poor on assimilation and execution.
"As for fantastic flying
saucer data, why not the Shaver Mystery version, i. e.,
'that they might be coming
from the center of the earth'?
"Dr. Gladys Hale is right
about witch-doctor attitudes
to the simplicity of some of
the present tine approaches.
People back off, and that is
why so much time is spent today in getting understanding,
to a degree, and permission
before a technique used.
Would that we had had learned
ions ago, this and mutual re~ect for the thetan opposite
the auditor.
"The psychopolitic booklet
was sent to all auditors at
least in,the Foundation at one
time, and then recalled. I
suspect the Government may have
entered in. It died quickly .
(If we really want darkness,
let's scare the daylight out
of everyone.) I have no desire
to further this kind of communication...
"Have you taken a look at
Subud? It gets a combined head
and heart response from me." --
Alberta Elliott, Greenville,
3. Car.
"Just what happened? On the
frontispage of the Oct. issue
you show in index 'Not much of
Anything -- 17' and 'Unused Letters -- 18 to 24'. Were you just
trying to be fantastic? My
magazine has only 16 pages." --
Evelyn Baas, Clearfield, Utah.
(SD. NOTd3 -- We were just being mean to persons who start
fires with the last eight pages
of their ABERRS6S. Aren't we
6 6
"In The ABER= (Vol. 5, No.
51 is the article condensed
from Dr.Janes Clark's 'Eternal
Time' and I feel this to be
something really significant.
Would you please help me to
secure a copy of the original
article as quickly as possible?:..
"Thank you, Indeed, for
your help. The AMR= is a
continuing source of interest
and pleasure to us all here."
1.0Jaes, Sydney, Australia.

The review or the booklet
on Brainwash (by Mort Jaquaysl
sounds suspiciously like a review of a little booklet which
was shown me about two years
ago. This booklet originally
issued by H.A.S.I. seemed to
have an opening exactly like
the one described by Jaquays.
The style was the style of L.
"After its issuance there
was some statement made that
the U.S. Government had requested that it not be published
any longer. The copy I was
shown was numbered.
"If this is the same booklet, then the Canadian Intelligence Service ought to be inThe RBERREE
"Thanks... for extra copies
of ABERREE, which I enjoyed so
much. It is perhaps the only
truly humorous (and hence Forteanl mag, in the field -- and
what s big gloomy field it is!
So that a bit of hilarity and
irony is much appreciated. Isn't there a marvelous heavyfootedness about so many of